Memory lane

Time is against me tonight.
I have two annoying distractions around me,
I think one is called “family”.
The other one “work”.

So apologies,
but I will not be adding to the wordpress pages.
I am sure I will make up for it tomorrow.
Although I am curious to know what I missed not actually posting.
Maybe it would have been a gem?small__341645060
We will never know.

For anyone interested,
I have a new title added to my menu.
“Memory lane”.
Some of you were saying you enjoyed my stories,
so I went back over old posts,
in which I had told a story,
and tagged them so they can be read by anyone interested.
Some are from my childhood,
others more recent.
I hope you enjoy checking them out.
If you want to know my favourite,
it is probably a humorous one which I called
“Warning this may make you laugh out loud or offend you”.
Hope to be back to full service tomorrow.
Until then happy blogging.

photo credit: david.train via photopin cc

6 thoughts on “Memory lane

    1. Ha ha. I don’t think I will ever not think that post is funny. And if you knew the girls involved you would laugh even more! Nice to see you. Hope you are doing okay. That was a very powerful post you wrote, I think about it sometimes.

      1. I’m hanging in there. Slowly I’ll come back from it. Sometimes I think writing is my best way of putting it all out there so that I can begin to put the pieces together again.

        1. Yes on more than one occasion writing was the only thing helped me. Hang in there and keep writing. I’ll be watching out for you.

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