Parenting… it’s a tough gig.

Does it get any easier? I thought as the years would pass I’d get used to the changes that parenting brings. It would appear that I was wrong. It’s that time of year when one of my clann decides to flap their wings and move away for the Summer. Tonight as I type I hear … More Parenting… it’s a tough gig.

As off you go.

To those of you who read this after putting your little ones to bed, to those of you who dream, as you drown in everyday parenting, to those of you who cannot remember life before children, I have only one thing to say… it does end, and as you look back you will shake your … More As off you go.

Dear friend…

A few days ago a great friend of mine waved her youngest off on a wonderful adventure. I know as she did so she sent a little piece of herself with her, for I don’t believe it is possible for a mother to really say goodbye. So my friend as you get used to not … More Dear friend…


Yesterday was Monday. Back to school, back to work, back to traffic, back to rushing. Another day over before we knew it? Before we know it, we will be Christmas shopping and welcoming a new year. Is time passing us by? Are precious moments each day being missed in the rush of modern living? Today … More Regrets?