If I Could Remember What I Forgot Today I’d Tell You!

Gorilla Scratching Head
Gorilla Scratching Head (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every day I am constantly forgetting things.

Where are my keys?

Where is my phone?

Where did I park the car?

Where did I put my bag?

I know my children very well. They have been with me quite awhile, and yet I will call them the wrong name!

I will meet someone and know exactly who they are, but no matter how much I try I cannot name them.

I have even put petrol in my car and driven off only to get a letter in the post detailing my “crime” and requesting immediate payment. The letter had a photo of me driving off!

And how many times have I walked upstairs, quite purposely only to arrive in a room with  no clue whatsoever what I went up there for.

Often these minor moments have no major consequence but I have to admit sometimes they have led to major embarrassment.

Like the day I went shopping. I had gone in for a few items and arrived out with a lorry load! I couldn’t remember which door of the shopping centre I had come in. I headed out the one I most often use hoping to be inspired. No such luck.

Then hurrah I saw my car. I unloaded the shopping and sat in. My friend rang at that moment. We chatted awhile. Whilst we were on the phone I began to look around. “Oh My God” I announced to my friend “this is not my car!”.

Most of the time I reassure myself that this is normal.

However occasionally I fret. Is it because I am drinking too much? Don’t get me wrong I only have a small tipple at night. But is my tee-total husband correct when he raises his eyebrows? Are the “You can enjoy yourself without drink” brigade really correct. Am I killing my brain cells one by one with every sip! What a terrible thought.

I vow that I am going to cut down and maybe stop. I am going to prove that I can live without a drink.

Then night time comes. My glass of wine beckons.

And I forget about forgetting!

This image shows a red wine glass.
This image shows a red wine glass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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