“Dinnertime” Where’s that jar?

English: Roasted chicken Español: Pollo asado
English: Roasted chicken Español: Pollo asado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Save me from great cooks!

Dinner time. Oh God i dread it.
Every day of the year my family look for dinner.
Every day I look for it too.. in the cupboard!
What jar will I use today?

I mean after twenty years surely I should have a huge variety of dinners in the cook book of my mind.
Well sadly for my family I do not.

Firstly, I see if I have any meat in the fridge.
No! Oh dear.
Ah well I can defrost some.
Ok we’ll have chicken.
Chicken what?
Chicken whatever this jar says!
With what?

Well they had pasta yesterday so rice is good today.

I must be good at opening jars because my family would not dream of cooking for themselves. What ever about apes I see a remarkable similarity between my family and birds. If the mother goes out of the nest, the babies all wait for her to return with their beaks open for food.

I have lots of friends who are real domestic goddesses.
They cook with fresh organic veg, as opposed to the limp veg, that was who knows where before it decided to go off in my fridge.
They use organic meat too and their sauces came from ingredients I cant even name.

They also cook meals I’ve never heard of. Its like they attended a special class for mothers and wives that was on the days i decided not to go to school.

These mothers also look like mothers. My children see them as the real mothers. The ones who make lovely lunches for school and more importantly super cakes for parties.

I can remember a few years ago I had 8 children under 7 in the house on a daily basis. I hasten to add they were not all mine but never the less they were here all day every day five days a week.
When it was anyone’s birthday we had such a great day.

However the cake was often forgotten.
As a result we developed the “Very Special Birthday Cake”. We told them how lucky they were not to have an ordinary cake.

Sounds good? Well in reality the “cake” was a block of ice cream. We then went to the local shop and bought sweets and they were allowed to all “decorate” it.

In truth when they all remember these cakes they do so with fondness. However what has done nothing to elevate my status as a “real”mum is the fact we did not have candles. I could never find them. Instead we used a couple of tee light candles, and sat them on top of the “cake” to be blown out. Definitely not what the real mums did.

Enough of the reminiscing  My family have grown up. Sadly it’s “Dinnertime” and I’m off to the cupboard!

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