An apology.

This is a difficult post to write, as in order to do so, I must admit many things about myself. Primarily that I am selfish,lazy and rude. Throw in disorganised, and someone who keeps putting things off, and you have me summed up pretty well. This can clearly be seen, in my attitude to Awards. … More An apology.

Thank you

A few weeks ago I was shameless. I asked those who read my blog, would they please consider nominating me, for the Irish Blog Awards. A big thank you to one and all, as I have made the long list in two categories. Best new blog, and best personal blog. Now before we open the … More Thank you

A life saver, one in a billion. Times person of the year award.

Daily Prompt. You’re asked to nominate someone for TIME’s Person of the Year. Who would it be, and why? If only this award were real. If only it were truly possible to nominate this person. We could look you in the eye, and say “Thank You”. The person I am nominating is American, young and … More A life saver, one in a billion. Times person of the year award.

Thank You Bloggers!

I told my kids this morning, that I had recieved nominations for three awards, in the past few days. Beautiful Mama Award thank you to mummyshymz. Liebster Award, thank you to beingjune. and Sunshine Award thanks to lauriesnotes Were they so proud? Was I congratulated? NO The comments went. “Is this my porridge?” “Mum, they … More Thank You Bloggers!