Blog Awards. A big “Thank you”.

Blogging is all about writing,
but I am stuck for words.
For two reasons.
Delight, as I have been nominated for a number of awards,
but embarrassment,
as I have left it so long,
between nominations and my public acceptance.

However better late than never.
So here goes.

Firstly The Gothamite awarded me,
The versatile blogger award.
He has gone quiet of late,
but was expecting a baby so maybe is just busy.
Thank you very much.

Then donofaltrades hit me with an inspiring blogger award.
Don is a blogger who stalks womens blogs.
The trade off to his stalking is,
his own posts are filled with humor,
never taking himself too seriously,
and his comments are great fun.
I tried to tell him I had this award before,
but he informed me,
that that was my lazy Irish way of trying to get out of work!

My next award came from my good blogging pal,
cranky over at Grandma says.
It was a best moment award.
What a lovely idea for an award.
Cranky started blogging a few months ago,
around the same time as myself.
She has gathered lots of followers,
because her posts are so natural,
her writing so varied and real.
She has also just finished a 30,000 word novel,
and been a winner at writing camp.
She puts me to shame!
Thank you Grandma.

Lastly I was presented with the Shine on award.
This award is worthy of winning,
for just the beautiful logo that comes with it.
I received this from a blogger I did not know before,
who took a “shine” to one of my posts,
and has called back a few times since.
Pieter over at pnco,
his blog features writing, drawings and beautiful photography.
Thanks a million Pieter.

So true to Dons assessment of me,
I will take the lazy way out.
grouping the requirements into one.

I must write an acceptance speech,
list seven things about myself,
and nominate 15 other blogs.

My speech is short and sweet.
Well short anyway!

Fellow bloggers,
I cannot begin to express how much I am enjoying writing.
I am so thankful to all those who have read anything I have written.
Those who I meet occasionally,
or those who regularly take the time,
to read “my thoughts on a page”.
I have posted almost everyday since I began,
and have enjoyed that challenge.
The icing on the cake has been,
getting to know new bloggers,
and some even “liking” my blog.
So thank you, thank you one and all.
“Go raibh mile maith agaibh”.

My seven random facts about myself.

1. I have a tattoo.
2. My fourth baby was a planned homebirth.
3. I was a nurse in my life BC (before children).
4. I dye my hair with a good tint of purple in it!
5. I lived in Australia for eighteen months.
6. I am passionate about the Irish language.
7, I cant cope with temperatures above 26C or 78F

My 15 blogs are.

1.I have an opinion I’d like to share This is one lady with a lot of opinions. She is 80 months pregnant with her second baby, and still highly entertaining.
2.Mocha A wonderful blogger who writes beautiful posts and poems. A real find.
3. Clearly writing Wow. This is a compelling blog to read. This blogger is leading a hidden life. She also writes brilliantly.
4. Multifarious meanderings A young french blogger who writes so well about her life.
5. Wild heart scribe. Beautiful poetry on this blog. I have yet to read a post I could not “like”.
6. lauries notes A blog by a mother who has turned her life around after years of an eating disorder.
7. ramblings of a crazed mom An often entertaining blog by a mother of three with a son with ADHD.
9. Journey into the spectrumΒ Β A mom of a young boy who is somewhere on the autustic spectrum. Always entertaining, thought provoking and honest.
10. Things could be worse A great visual blog of humor. I laugh most days looking at his posts in my reader.
11. mommyhasissues The mom of a young girl with a rare disorder. Writes about her life in an arresting manner. Not sad or mournful, but inspiring and can I say entertaining?
12. motherhood is not for sissies A blog by a mother who blogs about her life and much more.
13. Lindaghill A blog about her “life in progress”. She also has a fiction blog
14. Mrs SmithΒ A blog by a stay at home mum to two girls, who loves to write.
mommyshymz This is one very creative lady. If I had access to this blog when my kids were small they would have really loved me!

As so many of these blogs may already have some of these awards,
and life is too short for me to figure out which ones,
I will let you choose which award you wish to keep.
If you do not wish to spend hours and hours doing a thank you post,
you are very wise.
However I was more than happy to give you a shout here.

If you follow me and I ignored you.
I am so sorry. I couldn’t mention everyone,
and some of you I thought would not be pleased to be given this honor!

Now I am looking forward to getting back to planning my next post.
Cue… A glass of wine tonight.

33 thoughts on “Blog Awards. A big “Thank you”.

  1. It turns out the Irish aren’t lazy. I watched PBS last night about a mass murdering of a bunch of Irish immigrants who were working on the railroads over here because there was nothing for them to do in Ireland work wise. It was an interesting piece. Sort of. A tattoo, huh? Well, I’ll be!

    1. See I knew we had a lot in common! You might not have seen that you are in the list of nominations, as I had called your blog something like the new normal!!! Sorry about that but have fixed it! No pressure to accept at all, I just really like your blog and wanted to let others know about it.

      1. I just saw this! Lol that’s so funny! I saw that and chuckled because my first choice of blog name was Our New Normal! So when I saw it I thought, “thank goodness I didn’t pick it! Someone else that sounds just like me has an identical name!”

        I had no idea it WAS me! Soooo funny! And thank you!!!

  2. I’m right there with you on the slow-on-the-uptake where awards are concerned. I’m hoping to get to them this weekend. Thanks again and congratuations!!! πŸ˜€

    1. No pressure and I mean it. This post took three times as long as a normal post. As I say I just wanted to let others know who I enjoy as I have found many fab blogs in this way.

  3. Thanks Tric! Haha, this is an innovative way of nominating blogs – I get to choose my award! I’ll try my best to do the acceptance soon, within the month :p

    You always have the most interesting things to say – loved your random facts (purple hair, tattoo and home birth, way cool!)

  4. Congratulations, Tric! I love your blog and you deserve each and every acknowledgement. I thought if you grouped them, you still had to do all the individual rules. Hmm… Can you group 17? That would probably be cheating. Anyway, I so appreciate that you included me on your “short list”. I am honored, and what you said about me…well, just too kind! πŸ™‚

    1. It was group them or keep them in my laptop! Who is going to sue me for doing it this way? I really only wanted to nominate blogs I like, so job done. . πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you so much. I still can’t believe people like my ramblings enough to read them, nevermind nominate them. I will do my best to respond according to the rules, though I only have responded to my last one and I was nominating you for another one in return lol. And even though Don might have seen your acceptance as lazy, I thought it was rather smart to do it all at once πŸ˜‰ but what do I know. I took my son off his meds,drink too much gin, have 9 tattoos and have poor taste in men lol

  6. Congratulations, tric.

    I’ve seen a lot of bloggers receive awards from fellow bloggers (even received a few ourselves on madhatters) but I don’t think anyone more deserves to receive an award than you

    I’ve been hugely impressed by your blog and your writing – each post is a gem

    I hope you never get tired of writing, cause I (and others I’m sure) will never tire of reading your words

    1. That is too kind of you! I don’t nominate you as these posts are hard work, but you know what I think of you and your blog. I can imagine how many bloggers you have seen come and go. I love writing and have no idea where I am headed and what if anything I would like to do with writing. For now I am blogging the same way I live my life, by just plodding along with no plan, staying out of trouble and enjoying the crack! Thanks again you made me smile.

  7. Wow, what a line-up of awards! eat ya heart out Cannes film festival, this is the bees knees…. Well done you, and thoroughly well deserved. Thanks for the mention! (I am actually 100% British stock but exported to French pastures to keep Britain sane.) Incidentally, I’m glad I wasn’t alone in the home birth scenario – two of my three were planned home births.

    1. I was wondering about your pedigree. I enjoy your writing and delighted to hear I have a home birth pal!.Happy blogging.

        1. You should definitely visit. Ireland should be on everyones bucket list, but then i am a bit bias!

    1. Thank you. I appreciate each visit. And you know I love your posts. I must remind my crew that it is time for the non European mothers day!

      1. Thanks tric. I wondered about “non-European Mother’s Day”…..I had thought that Mother’s Day is in recognition & appreciation of all Moms in the world, regardless of their geographic location. Anyways! Have a good one!

        1. Thanks tric, for clarifying. In my view, every day should be celebrated Mother’s Day – rightfully so, because we wouldn’t be here without them. We owe this to the Mothers in this world, in recognition for the gift of life that we received and all the hard work they do to make us what we are. So you can milk it as many times as you want, totally guilt-free. πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

  8. Thank you so much for the nomination. I actually like rolling these blog awards into one…In fact I am going to change the rules when I accept my award πŸ™‚ I am also touched greatly by your words about my little blog, and sincerely enjoy yours, escaping cows and all!

  9. What a fantastic post and i look forward to checking out all the other blogs you recommend. Good to get to know you and thanks for the nomination.

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