Present envy?

Do you ever have present envy? You know when your friend has a birthday and the love of their life buys them a wonderful present, a piece of jewelry, or surprises them with a weekend away, somewhere luxurious, with all manner of spoiling thrown in for good measure? Do you ever say, “Oh how lovely for you” but all the time think, feck I’d never be so lucky. 5353260204_1ee0586993_n

I must admit on occasions I have been guilty of such envy. As I have watched friends jet off to Australia or New York, or enjoy regular breaks away in lovely hotels, I’ve said nothing, but I can assure you that if, he who puts up with me, were to look back on certain days, he would notice that after friends birthdays there is a definite waspishness about me. I’m sure at times he has wondered what was wrong, but togetherness spanning almost thirty years has taught him to keep his head down and hope the nicer me will return shortly.

Today five of my closest friends jetted off to Lanzarote for a girls holiday. They will be gone a week, and I will not be joining them. Oh dear you may say, I bet she is suffering a little friend envy, poor Tric.

You’re wrong, wrong, so very wrong.

For despite our wonderful friendship, and the fact I enjoy their company hugely, a week away with girls who love to shop and sunbathe, who spend time discussing nail varnish and outfits, and who have a bag of cosmetics I don’t even know what to do with, is not something I’ve been willing to join them on. Each year as they leave for their holiday they feel genuinely sorry for me as I wave them off. When they come home and share their stories they once again apologise for my missing out, when, all the while I’m breathing a silent sigh of relief, “Oh thank God I didn’t go”.

So what makes me tick? What would make me happy?

Well most of you know it was my birthday on St Patricks Day, a lovely day, in which I was greatly spoiled. We usually make out a wish list for presents, but honestly I was not wishing for anything, so my list was a little light on wishes. Sitting up in bed I happily opened my gifts, accompanied by a very excited dog, and my youngest. Each gift showed how well my family knew me, concert tickets, a golf magazine, a voucher for a top I wanted and various other bits and pieces. Then it was time to open my present from yer man, the fella who on occasions I don’t always appreciate.

He handed me a plain envelope. Inside wasn’t a beautiful card, or anything ornate. It wasn’t something I’d proudly show off and say,

Allihies Village, nestled in the hills.

“Oh look at what he bought me”.
It was a simple piece of white paper, taken from our mound of pages for printing upon which was written,

“A weekend away to Allihies, March 20th to 22nd”.

Those of you who know me, who follow my blog and ‘get’ me as a person will instantly know that was my perfect gift. Today I have been very busy, but if you were to pass me, and listen very closely you would have heard me humming. For today I am the equivalent of a cat purring. This time tomorrow night I will be in my favourite place on earth, Allihies, Irelands best kept secret.

I can’t wait.

As for what the hell I’m going to talk to him about for two days, well that’s another post entirely.

photo credit: Bag with rose via photopin (license)

17 thoughts on “Present envy?

    1. I know that feeling! And the weather is to be nice so hopefully we’ll get to climb those mountains and visit a few bars when we get thirsty.. we will be on holidays so it’s allowed.

    1. Thanks I can’t wait, but I’ll be up all night if I spend any longer working out… “no-fomo”? You know me and these things, FU (Feckin useless!) πŸ™‚

  1. Aww that’s awesome! I too get present envy from time to time. Especially since having kids the husband well he is not as surprising and thoughtful in his gifts as he used to be, so enjoy and I will sit here and stew over my present envy of you πŸ˜‰

  2. Enjoy every minute Tric, I too get present envy from time to time, however I also get no-FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) so I reckon they must balance each other out (that’s what I’m telling myself anyway πŸ˜‰ )

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