‘I didn’t lick it off the stones.’

My mum has a wealth of sayings one of which is “she didn’t lick it off the stones.”

Today is Mother’s Day here in Ireland and I’d like to borrow her expression in relation to myself.

I am the mother I am because of my mum.

My Mum and I.

As a mother she’s been strong, brave, loving,caring,thoughtful and fun.

At times my life has been challenging. Friends have on occasions remarked, ‘You’re so strong.’ While I smile and nod a little awkwardly at their praise, inwardly I think,

‘I didn’t lick it off the stones.’

Happy Mother’s Day Mum. xxx

photo credit: leppre 2018dogwood52week6 via photopin (license)

21 thoughts on “‘I didn’t lick it off the stones.’

  1. Happy Mother’s Day!

    Whenever I would obsess over some child related issue, my mother would say, “We all eat a peck of dirt.” In other words, you can’t control everything that happens to your child, so chill. If only I’d listened more!

  2. I’ve never heard that expression, but I LOVE it. Beautiful testament to your mum. I feel the same way when someone tells me I’m feisty or funny: I didn’t lick it off the stones, for sure.

    1. I’ve little doubt the moment will come Colleen. I look forward to reading about it. Some of her expressions are so funny. I must do a post some day about them.

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