I miss him my old man

Today twenty six years ago,
a light went out in my life.

I am far from home today,
so I cannot hug my mum,
and share a little of her sadness.

I cannot go to put flowers,
on the place his body rests.

But I can remember.

So Dad just in case you are hanging around today.
Here is a much loved song of mine.
One that always makes me cry,
but always helps me remember.
It’s “The old man” by the Fureys.

In it are so many lines,
which tear at my heart strings.
See for yourself.

The Old Man.

The tears have all been shed now
We’ve said our last goodbyes
His soul’s been blessed, he’s laid to rest
and it’s now I feel alone.
He was more than just a father,
a teacher, my best friend
and he can still be heard in the tunes we shared when we played them on our own.

I never will forget him,
For he made me what I am.
Though he may be gone,
Memories linger on.
I miss him,
My old man.

As a boy he’d take me walking by mountain field and stream,
And he’d show me things not known to kings
A secret between him and me.
Like the colours of the pheasant
as he rises in the dawn.
And how to fish and make a wish
beside the holy tree.

I never will forget him,
For he made me what I am.
Though he may be gone,
Memories linger on.
And I miss him,
My old man.

I thought he’d live forever
He seemed so big and strong.
But the minutes fly and the years rolled by
for a father and a son.
And suddenly when it happened
there was so much left unsaid.
No second chance to tell him thanks
for everything he’d done.

Oh I never will forget him,
For he made me what I am.
Though he may be gone,
Memories linger on.
I miss him,
My old man.

Remembering you today “my old man”.
Love always.

28 thoughts on “I miss him my old man

  1. You made me cry first thing in the morning! What a beautiful tribute to your father. Well done and if you sit real still…you’ll probably be able to sense the smile on your Dad’s face!

    1. Thanks I shed a couple of tears myself this morning! I am sure if he is around he is enjoying all this nostalgia. Hope your day brightens up, Sorry to have started it in this way.

  2. Oh Tric, the first time I heard this song was almost exactly 15 years ago, when my brother played it for us when our father died. I’m sorry for your pain today, but so happy you had him in your life and carry him still.

  3. the song says it all and more!!!!!!! Today is my dad’s (RIP) birthday so was thinking of him first thing this am too. Sending you a big hug! Remember all the great times!!!

  4. He’s proud of you, I’m sure. That was a lovely tribute. Dads are special – I said goodbye to my parents at the airport today, got into the car, and was proud to drive all of five minutes before the tears welled up. I just decided to check out your blog to cheer myself up, and hey-ho, MM’s bawling again…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Oh no! Sorry about that. I had actually a cheery post all written and then I saw the date. Although I knew what day it was, seeing the 9th of October made me think and it just seemed wrong not to write to him. Tune in tomorrow instead.
      I hope your parents had a great visit. What a fabulous catch up you must have had.

  5. despite what people might say, our loved one’s lose the body but keep the spirit. In the quiet moments we feel them. Sometimes when we’re feeling brave we even still talk to them – and personally I think that’s the right way. Include them as you would normally, What’s the worse that can happen? you feel silly, so what! If we’re right we flood their spirits with love, if we’re wrong we honour them through our actions, win-win! xxxx hugs

    1. Yes I agree. A win win! Thank you so much for your kind comment and hugs. It felt right to post for my Dad today, and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks Tia. I actually had a lovely day. He came everywhere with me, and I was in good form. ( once I had had my waah over the song!).

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