I hate being a wife.

Today I was looking at the search terms used for those who visit my blog. I discovered in the past ten months over 1,500 people have arrived at my blog using the search term ‘I hate being a wife’. So having had a busy few days I thought I’d cheat a little and repost that very popular post, in case you missed it. So here’s to all those, like myself, who hate being a wife.

Yes it is true. Shock horror. I dare to say this out loud. I hate being a wife! If I could turn back time, to the moment when my other half said,small__4510301060 “Will you be my wife?”,
I would say “No thank you!”.

Before we were married, my party piece was the song, “I never will marry”.
Now I admit the song is about love, and the loss felt as a love leaves. However every time I sang it, I sang the lines

“I never will marry, I’ll be no mans wife,
I expect to stay single all the days of my life”,

with great gusto, whilst eyeballing my future husband. However somewhere along the way, my sense of independence left me, and in a moment of great weakness, I forgot my determination to remain single.
When he was asked “the” question, I accepted.

I became a wife.

As the years have passed by, you would think that I would no longer feel like this. But I do. When I hear those words, ‘my wife’,
I cringe and inside I bubble. I’m me, not someone’s ‘wife’.

This morning, as I was cleaning the toilet,small__3250757541 I thought to myself,
“This is a real wifely thing to be doing”. And so this post was born.

So there you have it, now you all know,

I hate being a wife!

And guess what? Now that my husband knows, I will probably hate it even more,
as I can hear him now, joyously introducing me at every opportunity,
with the words,
“Hello, have you met Tric? She is my wife!”.
photo credit: Makena G via photopin cc
photo credit: Evil Erin via photopin cc

21 thoughts on “I hate being a wife.

  1. Is it because being labelled a wife makes us someone else’s possession…. Can’t say I’ve ever let it bother me, but I’m the independent type !

    1. I think it is that thought that a wife is ‘owned’. As a young wife I was desperate not to lose me, and felt marriage took from my independence.
      I am twenty six years a wife, you’d think I’d have got over this by now!
      Mind you I don’t think it bothers himself for a moment to be ‘my husband’.

  2. Tric, it wasn’t that I minded being a wife it was that I hate the “LABEL” Hello again I don’t think you have met my wife, Kat it is like look at my car ain’t it a beauty. So it is more the term that is comes from being the wife…like I own her and she is no longer a person but a possession…this is how I felt at times. I don’t know if that is wrong or right it is just how I felt when he introduced me like that. ❤ hope things are going good with you and Mr. Himself.

  3. I don’t know, Tric. I never really think of the expressions “my wife” or “my husband” implying possession. It’s just that if I’m talking to someone who doesn’t know my wife’s name (I used the phrase again here), I have to give some indication who is being referred to. I don’t think my wife (Sorry! 😀 ) particularly minds the phrase, but I should probably ask just to make sure.

    1. It’s amazing how many dislike it and quite sad.
      I know I wrote this tongue in cheek, I’m more than happy to be with my other half I only dislike the title.

  4. I liked the idea of getting married, but quite seriously didn’t want to be a ‘wife’, and refused to do many wifey things, including ironing his shirts! And while I changed my name when we moved to Ireland, it was purely in the hope that an Irish surname would help me to get a job…

  5. I guess I’m old fashioned in that I love being a wife. My mother was a housewife and that’s all I ever aspired to be. I hate that I have to work outside the home. Don’t get me wrong. I’m excellent at what
    I do. I work in patent law. I just wish I could do it from home!

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