Tonight I have no words.

This day twenty five years ago myself and yer man walked down the aisle. I’ve written many posts about him here, often tongue in cheek, but today I am stumped.
What can I say to him, what can I write about him?

He who… turned my life around, and made me whole.
He who…makes me laugh and roar in equal measure.
He who…comforts me like no other can.
He who…makes me me.134271077_979713d791

I feel lucky to have shared my life with someone who still brings so much fun to my every day. If truth be known tonight I struggle to write as I am feeling more than a little emotional, (and I promise I’ve not even begun on the wine yet). Earlier my mum had a request played for us on the radio. The song played was perfect.

So tonight I’d like to post that song here for you. To the one known here as ‘yer man’, ‘himself’, or my other half’. As I struggle to say any of what I wish to, let this song speak for me, as I add, ‘Thank you and congratulations to both of us’. (Don’t worry I’ll say other nice things to him offline)

For anyone celebrating an anniversary along with us, or a long relationship enjoy this wonderful song written and sung by Imelda May. If you haven’t time to listen I’ll give you a look at the chorus, I’m sure you can relate.

‘But we stuck with each other with all our might
We pulled it together and held on tight
And I’m glad for us, yeah I’m glad mo chroi
But its nothing to anyone cept you and me
There are wrongs for every right, theres ups & theres downs
But you’re the one for all my life
My true love I have found, yeah you my love I found’.

photo credit: Petra Senders via photopin cc

25 thoughts on “Tonight I have no words.

  1. 25 years living wi’ you ?

    the man deserves a medal – probably feels more like fifty to him ! πŸ˜‰

    warmest congratulations to you both, tric !

    1. Thanks Duncan. I’d say he’d be more than delighted to read your comment. He usually states that only the men who comment make sense here!

  2. What a sweet post! A marriage like yours is rare and is something to cherish, which you obviously do. I’m happy for both of you. Not many people have in their lifetime, even for a moment, what you’ve had for the past 25 years. Congratulations to you both!

  3. Thank you. I suppose in truth an anniversary like this makes you think and reflect. I am indeed lucky, we both were.
    Now to see if we make it to 26. πŸ™‚

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