Hang in there.

Mothers of young babies, toddlers and ‘kids who should know how to sleep but don’t’, are you tired? Is your life one long interrupted night? Have you forgotten what it feels like to sleep a full night? I sympathise with you. Babies and young children are wonderful, if only they came with some sort of … More Hang in there.

I hope you know.

Is it possible to be in two places at one time? Am I really where my body is, where people can see me, touch me and speak with me? Or am I where my mind is? Over 200 km away by my friends side. Holding her hand, giving her a hug. Sitting beside her as … More I hope you know.

Words Unspoken

As I write tonight it is with great sadness. My young warrior friend is seriously ill. Words fail me to adequately say what I feel. I wasn’t going to post, but now on a whim I would like to. I have over the past months kept all my posts, which featured my little friend, together … More Words Unspoken