Fingers Crossed!

Last September,
after many years of waiting,
my eldest daughters special delivery arrived.
No I’m not a grandmother.
She bought an Iphone!

She had received her first phone,
at the age of eleven,
and they were inseparable.

She is a very careful individual,
and whilst friends phones,
broke, fell down toilets, or got lost,small__3810777827
her phone stood the test of time.

However, every year technology improved,
and her phone quickly became outdated.
Still she stuck with it,
eventually upgrading it for one with a camera.

Then the smartphones arrived on the scene.
I could feel a real cooling towards her old phone.
Mind you she was aware these old phones had some advantages.
She would say to people,
“Do you know what the best thing about this phone is?”
When they answered “no”,
she would say “This!”,
and much to their horror,
she would purposely throw it to the ground,
where it would break into pieces.
Smiling she would reassemble it,
and say,
“See it still works perfectly!”.

However her attachment to her old phone,
began to fade.
We could feel the stirrings of young love,
as she spoke about the many extras,
that were part and parcel of an Iphone.
The camera, the apps.

Soon all that stood in her way,
was the cost.
She began to save.
Willing to work extra shifts,
and becoming careful with her money.
At last with the help of a birthday,
she had enough saved,
and became the proud owner of an Iphone.

We were so delighted for her.
Wishing her as many happy years with it,
as she had had with her old phone.

Then tragedy struck….small__7361078418

Last Friday night,
her pride and joy,
drowned in a small pool of surface water!
Luckily it was rescued quickly.
There appeared to be a flicker of hope,
as the apple logo was still there.
For some unknown reason,
someone within the group,
suggested putting it in a bowl of rice,
to dry it out!
(Not sure if alcohol had been consumed).
The desperate owner would try anything to save it,
so she did just that.

Not a good plan.
The phone still did not work,
and now there was a piece of rice,
stuck where the charger should go!
There was nothing left for it,
but to have it admitted.

So last Saturday she bravely said,
“Good bye for now” to her phone.
Its been a difficult few days,
as she manages to cope,
just as we did in the olden days,
with no phone.
We are waiting every day desperate for news.

So fellow bloggers,small_2960134752
If this site goes quiet over the next few days,
you will know,
that the worst has happened.
We will have got the news,
that her Iphone cannot be fixed.
You can only imagine the roaring and shouting,
and awful grief my daughter will feel.
If in fact this is the case,
I will not be in a position to blog.
Because if her phone is irreparably damaged,
I’m leaving the country!

photo credit: William Hook via photopin cc
photo credit: Joits via photopin cc
photo credit: nicola.albertini via photopin <a href="

16 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed!

    1. I might get back to you to set up a support group. I’m not sure we as a family will get through! thanks for commenting as well.

  1. I feel your pain. Nothing with our adult kids is quite so traumatic as a mal-functioning phone..they can’t call for money, they can’t call to gripe about each other and they can’t send us texts every 3 seconds during dinner. πŸ™‚
    I hope your daughter’s phone can be restored..she worked hard for it and she deserves it.

  2. No 2 son is currently working in Amsterdam as Project manager will Tom Tom.

    Prior to that, he was Project Manager with Nokia, Motorola, Vodaphone, and just about every bigname company in mobile phone technology (except Apple) with responsibility for overseeing the introduction of new models to market. There is a large cardboard box taking up a lot of space in his old bedroom which is packed to the brim with early prototypes of mobile phones – some of which made it to market, many more that didn’t. I keep asking if I can throw these out but he insists on keeping them, though they are of no practical use now. I’m just biding my time. Another few months and I’ll quietly hire a skip and then . . . πŸ˜†

    Despite being surrounded with all these brand new super duper phones he was working on, I was never tempted to get rid of my old cell phone (which was about the size of a half-brick and could only just fir in a pocket). About a month ago, though, I finally took the plunge and got an Android Smart phone. I love it but this smart phone is too clever for me. I should have paid more attention when No 2 son was showing off all these new phones he was working on. I can just about make a call or send a text message but I am baffled by all these other things it does. Most of the youngsters at work use their smart phones to logon to Facebook during break times. I suspect the popularity of Facebook plays some part in the desire amongst young folk to own a smart phone ?

    1. Too true. I’m a make and receive calls and send texts kind of girl too. Even though I do like computers etc. Don’t think I’ll get into that debate with her though!

    1. We still have hope. Even though I did joke in this post, I do feel for her. I think most people have experienced some sort of phone loss in their day.

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