Series of Letters . Letter 1.

I recently sent out an invitation to all who read here to send in a letter they would like to write to someone.
I have received a great variety of letters, such as letters of love, regret, loss, hurt, photo credit: <a href="">donovanbeeson</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>confessions and secrets. I will try to publish them in a way which will demonstrate that variety.

From next week on I will feature two letters per week on a Saturday.

Today’s letter is actually two letters, from a wife and her husband.
When “the wife” wrote her letter, she happily shared it with her husband. However her husband informed her afterwards that she would have to wait to read his until it was published!
In order to put her out of her misery, I am publishing theirs as my first letter.

These letters are not anonymous and come from the blog of From one crazy life to another.
To my dear husband,

Over these last four years, you’ve put up with more hell than any man should have to bear in a marriage. You’ve dealt with my depression, watched me attempt suicide and save me, and keep me sane throughout all the thoughts of lost hope and despair. You held my hand and walked with me to get back to happiness, and you kept me out of that dark place long enough until I could do it on my own. You let me lean on you when I stumble, and keep me from going back when I need a little help. You push me to be the very best I can, and you love me unconditionally. I’m not the easiest woman to live with, and you stay close to me anyway. You love me for my flaws, and my mistakes. You are a hardworking man, and yet you aren’t afraid to help me around the house or take care of our children when I’m sick or need a break. I’ll never forget that day we suddenly decided to get married. We walked around Wal Mart, looking for rings. You stumbled upon the rings we got married with. They were engraved ‘Always and Forever’ and it stuck with us. I still laugh at how you picked New Years Eve as our anniversary so you wouldn’t forget it. You make me smile in the darkest of places, and you help me be the person that I need to be. You are absolutely amazing, and I won’t ever stop loving you. Always and Forever my darling.

To my wife for life,
I just want to let you know that I’m always and forever yours. The past four years are only the beginning. Here’s hoping 4 becomes 40… and then some. the struggles we’ve had, family, finances, crappy apartments, haven’t stopped us and there will surely be more for us to overcome and we will, without a doubt. the beautiful little girls we’ve been blessed with, the laughter and tears of watching them grow, and the years to come. here’s to being old and grey when everything around us is new and shiny. I love you to death and I hope that’s the only thing to separate us. XoXoOxOx

I am still accepting letters. If you would like to send one (preferably previously unpublished) please use the contact me on my menu.

photo credit: donovanbeeson via photopin cc

28 thoughts on “Series of Letters . Letter 1.

  1. That was sweet! I couldn’t wait to see the husband’s letter and now I say he is definitely a keeper.

    1. Thank you for your comment, it’s appreciated. To us, we sometimes just want to tell each other how we feel and connect. We usually make it a habit to write on paper and ‘deliver’ the letters to each other. We however saw this though and figured it’d be pretty cool to do it VIA a blog.

        1. Well thank you! I’m happy that we made you smile, he makes me smile too. He’s an awesome guy, and I’m very blessed to call him my husband.

  2. That made my heart flutter. I am very blessed to have this man in my life, even with his occasional bratty spurts! He’s absolutely amazing, and I can’t wait to see all the new shiny stuff with him while you’re old and gray. Speaking of which, it’s GRAY!

    Post from husband: Shut it…grey..gray..who cares. I love you too though, and you shouldn’t have put mustard on my sandwich. whose the brat here?

  3. That was a lovely read. I feel like I’m prying though! However, I do feel obliged to take sides on the matrimonial discord: the word was “grey” before the folks on the other side of the pond made it “gray” 🙂

    1. Very’re right!
      husband: see? grey… remember this too…MAYO!
      Stuff a sock in it would ya?
      husband: I love you…and do you realize we’re having a conversation..on a blog..and nonetheless someone elses blog?
      Yes…yes we are. is this getting a little awkward
      husband: yes..we should end this before it gets worse
      you’re right

        1. We aren’t fighting 🙂 This is our norm. We honestly rarely’s weird. We talk things out before it gets that bad. We don’t like fighting and we especially around the kids. Since our kids are always around we don’t yell, we talk. It makes things a lot nicer.

    1. Thanks. I loved these letters. Young love, there’s nothing like it. Hopefully we will have quite a few weeks of other letters to enjoy. I have received such a variety. Hope you continue to enjoy them.

        1. Yes I am going to keep posting every week as long as I receive letters. I love reading them and for some who wrote very difficult letters it seems to have been quite a healing experience. I am delighted you will contribute.

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