October 9th. Not just another day.

Tomorrow it will be close to three decades since my Dad’s final curtain call. I suspect he will be my first thought tomorrow morning and my last tomorrow night. Almost thirty years may seem a lifetime, but it is, at times, just the blink of an eye as the calendar of grief moves to a … More October 9th. Not just another day.

If you could, who would you choose to spend five minutes with?

I saw this picture first on Aoibheanns Pink Tie facebook page . A fabulous charity helping families of children with cancer.  I originally saw it a few weeks ago, but the question it asks has stayed with me. Who would I like to sit with? Would I chose a famous figure from the past? Someone … More If you could, who would you choose to spend five minutes with?

Please listen Dad.

How sad when a father and daughter, have difficultly communicating. Such is the situation in our home, that my youngest has begged me to write a post, in the hope her Dad will read it. For a number of weeks now, she has tried to speak to him, All manner of methods have been employed, … More Please listen Dad.

Testing Love!

I was pretty sure my husband loved our daughter, when I saw his face the first time he saw her. When he “showed her off” to friends and family. When he watched her take her first steps. When he hugged her tight. I could see he loved her, as he took her on her maiden … More Testing Love!