Please listen Dad.

How sad when a father and daughter,3352d9f41087afce651370872fdebbc6
have difficultly communicating.
Such is the situation in our home,
that my youngest has begged me to write a post,
in the hope her Dad will read it.

For a number of weeks now,
she has tried to speak to him,
All manner of methods have been employed,
in her mission to be heard.

She has written to him,
and posted notes on her bedroom door.
She has shouted, cried, begged and pleaded.

Despite her best efforts,
and relentless pleading,
her words have had no effect.
He is not interested.

In desperation she has pleaded with me to intervene,
and even asked could she guest blog here!
Due to the relentless nature of her requests,
I have succumbed to pressure.

So today on her behalf I will say…


“Please please for the sake of peace, let her get a new puppy!”.

D. Sharon Pruitt

47 thoughts on “Please listen Dad.

  1. yeah, don’t be a meanie – get the wean a puppy !

    even better, get two – so they can keep each other company when you’re all out of the house 😆

    1. I will pass your request onto management! She is happy now that I posted this. She is learning early the power of the internet! 🙂

    1. I think come September she might. But if she does it will be ONE! 🙂 She will possibly explode if and when she does get one as she is completely obsessesed about getting one.

  2. I myself have a dog, but coming from a different perspective, I know there are many reasons on both sides. In the best interest of a dog, please make sure you understand reasons to get– or not get a dog. Getting a dog can be much like having another baby; they are costly, need training and much care. Wanting and needing a dog are not the same thing. Think with your head not your heart. I’d rather see a disappointed little girl than a dog left at a shelter because it peed in the floor or spilled the trash. Getting a dog is a big decision but if you are willing to house, train, feed and take it to the vet for shots and medical care– then get the girl a dog of her own! I am left alone 99% of the time by my human family but I am loved and adored 100% of the time by my poodle– the light of my life!

    1. Thanks Jackie for reminding me why not to get a dog! We had a dog for 16 years which we had to put down a couple of months ago.
      . We have all ( except my husband) missed having a dog since. However my youngest has perhaps missed it the most as apart from myself she was the closest to our last dog. I know what it is to be adored by a dog. ( weep weep!)

  3. We gave in last year and got one. I do like him although it is definitely more work for everyone. Mostly hubby who does the early morning walk. I feed him. And walk him occasionally. The rest is up to the kids. They complain but they do it. They promised and I’m trying to hold them to it.x

    1. Our dog of 16 years was put down a couple of months ago. The call for another is getting louder. They are all promising to do so much for it but we know that is not going to happen.
      My youngest though was always the best with our dog so I expect she would actually be good with it past the first few weeks!

      1. Part of me wishes we had done it sooner because there would have been plenty of the kids around and interested enough to maintain the work. So many of them are gallivanting now and I can’t blame them. The two who are most interested are the youngest and the love they show to our collie is a joy to behold.
        Ach, get her a pup. You can work on husband and charm him into it. x

  4. Sounds like somebody is angling for a new walking buddy while other is away. Remember to get a respectable dog and not a little whateverszu or oodle that you’re probably leaning towards.

    1. I feel an adorable cuddly szuoodle coming our way in Sept! Show that photo to your daughter and I bet she would agree.

    1. Ah thanks AOM. I think he is fighting a battle he has already lost. Nice to see you call by. I hope your mum is doing okay.
      Anyone reading this comment…. this man has over 18,000 followers and began his blog in January!

    1. I know I didn’t know how my husband would take the “hook” but he was as usual very good about it. The last dog we had we had for 16 years. She was a rescue but this time I think I’d like a puppy.

  5. I’m sure he is weakening even at this moment. Kind of good tonseenhow much your daughter really wants this dog and not just a whim, especailly after hearing about the dog you had to put down. It’s only a matter of time now I suspect – power to the blog! )

    1. I suspect he knows he has lost the war. If and when we do get another dog I suspect it will not know it has legs as my little one will carry it 24/7 🙂

  6. Oh, how well I remember my three kids, all big innocent eyes, begging Dad for a puppy.
    “Huh”, he said gruffly, “In just a few years, you’ll all be gone and only Mom and I will be here.” I, of course, immediately added my voice to the kids’ pleas. “That’s why we need a puppy!”
    It’s now 8 years later, and Dad and Tucker are such close best friends that sometimes I am sure that he love the dog more than he loves me.

    1. That is food for thought. I like the name Tucker. She has been gathering names for her imaginary dog for weeks. I will tell her this one so she can add it to the list.

  7. I’m going to play the devil’s advocate on this one. I feel sorry for Daddy in this equation, particularly now he’s in the public limelight. He may have good reasons not to want a dog- maybe your daughter should ask him why? His feelings should count too. Maybe he misses your dog more than you think. We all put the pressure on PF to get smelly dog. He said yes, but said he would never feed the dog or clear up behind her. He loves her to bits, but he has kept his word.

    1. He is going to love you!
      He is very good about the post as he had to look at my little one beaming yesterday. He is just not a dog person. He would never pet a dog or have feelings for it, even our last one which we had for so long. When we took her to be put down he just barely touched the top of her head, his way of saying good bye. However he would walk the legs of it and clean up.
      He loves the peace of sitting in the kitchen with no dog wandering around or jumping up to lie down beside him. However he does know we will get another maybe in September but he is enjoying listening to her pleas. Thanks for your comment and as I say he will be delighted with it.

      1. 🙂 I don’t know your husband, but I’d say that not everyone conveys their feelings with heaps of gushiness. PF isn’t overly cuddly or fussy with Cajou (except when he think we’re not looking), but he’d be gutted if anything happened to her. Let us know how it all pans out, but I say that part of growing up is learning that we have to take other people’s feelings into account when they don’t fit in with our plans… -)

    1. Yes she had it all worked out! He took it well though, and she went to bed very happy. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  8. Dear ol’ Dad doesn’t stand a chance, does he? 😉

    I sense a post on how fortunate your family is to have such a wonderful mum who cleans up puppy poo without complaint! 🙂

    1. Thank you. I am sorry for the delay in acknowledging your comment but I just found you in Spam! She was over the moon with this post. It looks like he will give in alright (as if he has a choice!)

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