Series of letters. Letter 6.

The next letter in my “series of letters” comes from Duncan over on madhatters.
While what he writes in this letter is true, I am sure it is told with a hint of Duncans wicked humour.

Letter to my Dad

I’ve heard the story so many times at family parties over the years – how when I was born, my mum’s sisters went to the hospital to see the new addition to the family

how the nurse showed them a baby girl with shoulder length black hair and a dark skinduncan 2

how they told her she had the wrong baby – they had come to see a little white boy, not a little asian girl

how when they were persuaded there was no mistake, the skin tone would likely fade in time (it did), and it was most definitely a boy she was holding aloft (albeit one with thick dark hair cascading over his shoulders), then doubts about my paternity naturally arose and some thought my mum had not been quite the good little catholic girl she ought to have been

you laughed with everyone else as the tale was retold again and again but did you ever, yourself, wonder at the time whether I was your child ?

and did you share these doubts with my mum?

if so, it must have been an ‘interesting’ conversation !

but surely any doubt you may have had as to whether or not I was your child dissipated as I grew older and the physical resemblance between us became obvious to all

though I can’t help remembering those halloweens when mum put a basin of water on the kitchen floor with an apple or two bobbing in it and me and sis took turns to kneel, hands behind our backs, and tried to pull an apple out of the basin, using only our teeth

oh how we squealed and laughed when you pushed our faces into the water

it was surely just my imagination that it felt like you held my head under the water longer than you did her’s

or was it ?


I am still taking letters so anyone who wishes to contribute a letter of any sort please contact me.

6 thoughts on “Series of letters. Letter 6.

  1. To wonder about something like that is the twisting of a knife in the heart. There is DNA, if the thoughts persist.

  2. thanks for the comments, guys

    I’ve never doubted I am my father’s son – the physical resemblance between us became more and more pronounced as I grew up

    as a child, hearing this story repeated at family parties, I thought it was just a funny story my aunts told and retold with the aim of embarrassing me

    it never occurred to me to wonder how my dad felt at the time

    it was only when I was in my late teens and told this story to a girlfriend that I began to see it from another perspective when she said it must have been a bit awkward for my dad to be presented with a son who bore not the least resemblance to himself and looked instead as if he had been fathered by an asian man

    I can’t believe there wasn’t a moment or two of doubt in his mind – even if he didn’t voice that doubt to my mother

    i’ve always been curious but never asked the question – not wishing to cause any upset in the family

    and they are both dead now, so I’ll never know – but when tric asked for letters, i was scanning old family photographs into the computer, so I would have a digital record to share with other family members, and came across the one above.

    the reminder of the long hair I was born with brought to mind the old story of my aunts visiting the hospital to see me for the first time and I recalled the question I had been curious to ask my dad about but never did

    the letter then wrote itself – though my tendency to see humour in most situations couldn’t resist putting a comical slant to it 😆

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