Stop the world I want to get off

You know when life is just plodding along nicely and then a tornado arrives into your world and leaves you spinning? Yes? Well, so it has been for me over the past few weeks. There I was, in my heavenly retreat, Allihies, West Cork, enjoying my holidays, when the word came through that my edits … More Stop the world I want to get off

Sticks and stones…

There is an old saying ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me,’ I’ve never agreed with that as there are some words which can do more damage than any bone break ever would.  However, tonight I discovered another reason to disbelieve it. Tonight, I finished a story for my … More Sticks and stones…

Does time heal?

They say time heals and sometimes I wonder if it’s true. Do we heal or do we just mend and learn to live with the scars? I’ve seen friends cope with extraordinary grief but I cannot ever imagine they will heal. I myself have been broken and today I wonder am I healed? Why today? … More Does time heal?

What is Justice?

I’m writing this unsure if I’ll ever post it, it’ll certainly never appear on Facebook, but I’m trying to get my thoughts in order. Recently I’ve developed an obsession, a quiet one but one which is occupying way too much of my evenings. At least every hour I check in with a particular website looking … More What is Justice?


I took part in a writing challenge during the week, to write 200 words on ‘Home’. I adapted an old post about not asking for help, and this is what I came up with. Home. As a child I lived in a happy home, five children, loving parents and a dog. Life was all it … More Home