To ‘yer man’ on his birthday.

Today is my best friends birthday, my greatest confident, my closest companion. Over thirty years ago, when life was not what it should be for me, he came along and changed my future. I can never express in words what his friendship has meant to me, nor how much I’ve achieved with him by my side.

I wrote this a couple of years ago. It goes some way to explaining ‘us’.

Happy Birthday to Himself, Yer man, my best pal. xxxx


As a child I lived in a happy home,
five children, loving parents and a dog.
Life was all it should be,
until ‘he’ came along,

and I sailed away unnoticed.

I could see my family on the mainland,
and sometimes tried to visit,
but even surrounded by them,
I could not join in.

They became strangers.

It was lonely on my island.
Islanders are different,
aloof, reserved, and quiet.
Unwelcoming of visitors,

So no one ever came.

For six years I lived,photo credit: Liz Grace via photopin cc
in secret and alone.
Each day I checked my island walls,
ensuring there were no cracks.

No glimmer of light shone through.

Then, out of nowhere a stranger came
and took no notice of the walls.
He failed to see my isolation,
and uninvited, climbed onto my island

My life changed once more.

For a while we wandered together
as slowly my high walls crumbled,
until one day hand in hand,
he gently coaxed me from my island,

to a place we now call home.

photo credit: suzyhazelwood DSC00616-02 via photopin (license)

photo credit: suzyhazelwood DSC00616-02 via photopin (license)

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