What keeps a blogger blogging?

I have been writing a blog now for over one year. One year doesn’t seem like a very long time, but I have written almost every day. That is a lot of “my thoughts on a page”.photo credit: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmoneyyyyyy/6046349308/">jmoneyyyyyyy</a> via <a href="http://photopin.com">photopin</a> <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/">cc</a>

Over the year I have seen a large number of bloggers disappear. It is frightening how many. Sometimes I wonder about them, and just as I would a neighbour, I think I should make an inquiry as to how they are, or even fill out a police report!

It is always sad to lose someone you have enjoyed “getting to know”. Sometimes at random times in the day I will think about them and wonder, where did they go? Did they get sick? Or did they just move on with life, leaving us in the past forever.
In my year only once did I actually go and find out, and I am glad I did, (you know who you are!). I follow another blog and it has been quiet some time. She was not in the best of situations, and I must admit I am concerned when I think of her.

Thankfully on a few occasions bloggers have emailed me to say Goodbye, and though it’s sad to see them go it’s good to get a goodbye, at least I know what they planned.

As I write this I think of the bloggers I know who are blogging many years. How many “friends” have they lost over the years?
When I began blogging a few of these older bloggers (not in terms of age!) were most kind and supportive to me. They still are. How can they not be cynical of new bloggers. Even myself, a relative newbie, sometimes sees a new blogger but in time I think, “I bet you wont last”.

What keeps a blogger blogging?

I have no idea. I have read numerous posts about bloggers losing the love for blogging or finding it a chore or a stress. Will they get through it? Will those feelings be the beginning of the end? I sometimes wonder and if it’s a blog I really enjoy I nearly panic.small_85515856 (1)

For myself this blog is still a great joy for me. I love the opportunity it gives me to write, and the chance to read what others write, and engage in banter and conversation. It has brought me to beautiful places through the photography blogs I follow. Allowed me to read poetry I have so enjoyed. Made me laugh at cartoons and fun, and made me cry, fear, loath and admire through posts I have read.

The only thing this blog has never given me is a wage! Maybe I’ll figure that one out next year.

To all those who I have met on my journey I say it’s been great craic. To those who have gone AWOL, I miss you, and to those of you who I have yet to meet, I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

At the moment my life is very busy. I am trying to keep up with writing and reading, so even if I am a little less around than I have been don’t worry, I’m going nowhere.

And if you ever are really worried about me, or care, just check out my facebook page. I post some aul nonsense there most days.

photo credit: jmoneyyyyyyy via photopin cc
photo credit: Annie Mole via photopin cc

50 thoughts on “What keeps a blogger blogging?

  1. Spoken like a true blogger. I’ve been blogging for over 4 years. Because I love the writing. Because I love learning from others. Because I love seeing the world through the eyes of the people in all of the different places in the world. I’ve seen people come and go as well. It’s like losing good neighbors. But I wouldn’t trade it. Or stop.

    1. Yes you have proved, by lasting the pace, you are for keeps. I am glad to be “following” you, as I feel you are not going to disappear on me, and I love how you think. I often think you should do a weekly prompt, as I love the way your mind works. We could all link to you. Worth thinking about??

      1. I have done a few prompts before. But I get so many emails with so many different prompts. I would love to think about it. I “think” the one I did about the shoes was a weekly prompt. And I think that was my first if it was. I’ve done a few daily prompts.

  2. I’ll be blogging two years on the 17th March. St Patrick’s Day. I may or may not have been more than a little drunk and sleep deprived when I created the blog.

    Always sad to see a blog you loved sort of vanish without a trace. I also think it is kind of rude for the blogger to just stop blogging and not post just to let people know you did not get run over by a car.

    I stopped blogging for a few weeks around August/ September, just had a whole lot to do and time flew, and I was genuinely surprised by the Tweets and e-mails from people asking if I was okay.

    So if I reached a point where I just could not find time to do it, I’d put up some kind of post saying Goodbye and good luck, and not just leave it all hanging there like a novel with the last page torn out.

    1. So if you disappear for a few days I’ll not panic but after that I’ll come looking! Just a note Paddys day is my birthday!
      Yes I too, if at all possible would want to say goodbye. I have made real “friends” here, especially after the year I have had, and would feel I owed them an explanation.
      I laugh as I type that, as up to a year ago I thought anyone who would say such a thing was a little bit “sad”.

  3. I really enjoyed this post and, like you, ponder about people who have disappeared. I like the writing, connecting and sharing aspect of blogging. I took a break in January and gave a lot of thought to the whole process and wondered should I be spending my time in some ‘better’ way. But here I am back again so you know what the answer was!

  4. I think its pretty amazing how quickly I can become attached to a blog/blogger and consider them friends, even though I know I will never meet you/them face to face. Great post!

  5. I also think of bloggers I would miss if I dis not hear from them again. One fellow must be in his late 70s or early 80s and I would miss him… and wonder if he would miss me if I go first. 🙂

  6. I was just thinking about this very thing earlier. I miss so many bloggers that just disappeared as well. I am definitely sad they didn’t tell me they were getting out of dodge and I still wonder where they are. For me it happened all at once. A large number of them all at the same time gone. Then the new ones come along and I have a whole new crowd. I, like you, am in it for the long run so I hope a few of my friends will stay on this journey with me and they don’t all eventually disappear 😦

  7. i love it too, and love the whole thing – the words, the pics, and most of all the people. i have often wondered about people who i no longer see here too.

  8. Just in case you wondered, I don’t post that often but I’m still here, not going away! I am moving to Hawaii this month, so busier than usual, but have many more stories to share of Elizabeth, and her writing as well, so I’m hoping once I move I’ll have more time to write!

    I always enjoy your blog, glad you’re still here!

    1. I don’t worry so much about you as you post irregularly, but when I see you have posted I go straight to read. I hope you really enjoy Hawaii. Big move for you. Will you feel you are leaving Elizabeth, or do you carry her with you always?

      1. Oh good, and thank you! I feel that Elizabeth is with me wherever I go, always. It is a mix of emotions leaving this city that she loved so, and the home where she and I lived together…and I feel so clearly that it’s time for me to go. More soon!

        1. Really looking forward to reading that. You know I find your posts very inspirational, and a great help to my friend.

  9. Other bloggers definitely keep me blogging. I love the interaction. Blogging for me does feel like a guilty pleasure sometimes. I try to keep any writing to when the kids are at pre-school but it overlaps with the rest of the day sometimes. I tell myself it’s a better use of my time than watching eastenders or looking at facebook.
    I remember when the little warrior passed away, I wondered why you’d gone a little quiet..
    My uncle is very sick at the moment and a close family member is separating from his wife so i’m in a bad mood right now, and everything I write is drab.

    I was nominated for a liebster award and i’m going to pass it onto you! (I know that you’ve had so many awards so I don’t expect you to do anything with it!)

    Thanks for letting us know you will be busy for a while. We would worry about you! ;0)

    1. Thanks Olivia, I don’t do the awards because it is such hard work, but I’m delighted to be awarded!
      I found after the little warrior died I had so much sadness inside it was impossible to write a good mix of posts, and I was unwilling to write how I really felt.
      However time changes everything and I was happy to get back again.
      I hope your uncle is not suffering. Thinking of you and your famiily. xx

      1. Thanks Tric. I don’t think he is suffering. He’s in great form, except he can’t be bothered eating. He says what’s the point. It’s hard on my mum and dad. They’re shattered. I feel so bad for them. Hoping to drag them away for a few days during the spring time. :0)

  10. I “blog” because I believe words are meant for sharing. I love to read what others come up with and I also love to be inspired by what others write because it helps me to be more creative. Not much excites me more than that spark when I am inspired by a line or an image from what someone else has written.

    1. Yes reading others posts does keep the mind sharp. I sometimes imagine how many posts were written in a day. Each one by someone who thought them through and typed them up. It’s amazing really.

  11. Timely post! I’m halfway through something similar myself – about me. I am two years old and finding it hard to get time to transfer my thoughts onto my blog at the moment. I set a deadline of three posts a week and until two months ago, I was able to keep it. Now on a slow week I have to recycle old posts.

    1. We all get busy at times and then it passes. I would hate to no longer feel any joy as I write here. I hope your busy spell will end soon, or at least lighten up to give you time for a little bit of blogging.

  12. I’ve been blogging for nearly five years now, with no pattern and no purpose either 🙂 Words just come into my head and I need to put them down somewhere, and blogging fits that nicely 🙂

  13. love this post. I’m one of those that may not last. As much as I love writing I struggle to find the time not just to write but to manage the blog. It is a wonderful community though isn’t it!

  14. I’ve discovered a whole new world through blogging – like-minded people, new approaches to life, sources of inspiration and friendship. I love writing and I love people, so blogging is the answer. I’m coming up to two years of blogging, and it’s become part of life – but yes, some people have just disappeared off the radar, and their blogs just hang in cyberspace, waiting to be reanimated….

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