Where do you find peace?
Is it an actual place?
Or is it an inner feeling?

My brother said to me this morning,photo credit: <a href="">practicalowl</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
that he dislikes being in his house alone.
Especially if he is on holiday.
He wondered how I felt,
in the mornings when all are gone,
and my busy house is quiet.

What do I feel?

I am alone,
with just me for company.
I can tidy away dishes and clothes,
and guess what?
The house stays tidy.
I can go to the bathroom,
and no one calls me.
I can sit down to eat,
and my food is not out of date when I finish.

I can think.

The contrast is huge.
During the long Summer holidays just passed,
between the months of May and September,
I was alone on just one occasion,
and that was just for a few hours.
Apart from that I rarely spent any time,
with just me.
Initially I mourned the return of my children to school.
Today I mourn the fact,
that my two remaining children,
are getting a half day.
Less time with just me!

I can remember when I was young,
I craved solitude.
We were a big family,
and time alone was next to impossible.
I used to take the car,
and drive to the Dublin mountains.
I knew a spot where no one went.
I would have my old fashioned walkman,
and with the music blaring,
I would credit: <a href="">Miss-I-Am-Free-Because-I-Belong-Nowhere</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
I rarely met another soul.

On one such a day,
I had walked a long way,
when I heard music.
I followed the sound,
and there in the middle of the mountains,
next to a stream,
was a man sitting playing the bagpipes.
Not an instrument common to Ireland,
and not one easy to carry such a distance.

I did not talk with him.
I just sat and listened from a distance.
I then carried on walking,
the sound of the bagpipes,
echoing all around me.
The sound of the music,
seemed to blend beautifully,
with the breathtaking views.

Sometimes, when I am alone in my own home,
I remember that day.
I remember the mountains,
the view, the piper and the sense of peace.
And I remember what I felt..
It was contentment.

Being alone allows me to remember.
I am content.

photo credit: practicalowl via photopin cc
photo credit: Miss-I-Am-Free-Because-I-Belong-Nowhere via photopin cc

24 thoughts on “Solitude.

  1. aaaahhh, blissful mountains and BAGPIPES??? Surely it was an angel there with you. I love the entire scene you described. Is that a picture of the mountains you are writing about? Heavenly. I remember those hectic days with my own children which are now being played out with the 11 yr old grandchild who lives here with her mom. At her age, there is always a commotion. LOL….I do love my quiet time but it can be frightening when unwanted. Much love and blessings to you.

    1. Thank you. Yes they are the mountains and they are such a lovely place to ramble. It was amazing to actually see a man playing bagpipes in such a remote place. It was not something I would easily forget.
      Thanks so much for reading.

  2. I, too, love my solitude but only because I have the joy of child chaos to balance it out πŸ™‚ Actually, I think I’ve always loved solitude. The mountains you describe sound so amazing, I have always wanted to visit Ireland.

    1. Yes I think we can enjoy it more when solitude is rare. These mountains are a beautiful spot. Somewhere I took great solace from. I have to say Ireland is beautiful, but I may be bias!

  3. I look forward those weekends when I don’t have any plans to go out – and can just stop at home

    I love the feeling of solitude being shut away from the world in my own little time bubble with no pressure to converse with or amuse or entertain people

  4. Like Winding Road, I wonder if most of us only enjoy solitude as a relief from the noise of family life? When I was a young woman I was often plain lonely – I never imagined as a mother I would crave solitude so much!

  5. When I was younger, I never wanted to be alone. I wouldn’t do ,ugh of anything by myself. Then I decided to grow up a little. I got my first house without a roommate, and learned to like things about myself. I found that I really want half bad to hang out with:). Now I love my solitude. I love to play soft music, while cleaning my house….as dorky as that is:)

    1. Actually I think having lived in a big family it can seem odd to be alone at home. But I have so got used to it! Like you I enjoy me. ( sure who wouldn’t, we’re great craic!)

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