Hint hint!

Here we go. Once again a shameless post begging asking for a nomination in the Irish Blog Awards.

Last year I was a new blogger, having only been blogging for five months when these awards came up. I was blown away to make it to the finals, but waaaah I didn’t win.

Thankfully time heals, and I am over the shocking disappointment, so I’m back again and asking you to consider nominating me if you enjoy my writing, lamenting, ranting or rambling.
If you feel inclined this is what you have to do.

Go to this link and fill in the details, here.
My email address is trickearney@gmail.com and I live in the county of Cork.

You will be asked why you are nominating me. I suggest you use your imagination and make something spectacular up!

After answering the fist couple of questions you need to click “next” until you get to “personal” blog… that’s me.
To those of you who have the time to nominate me, I say “Thanks a million”, and to the rest of you, I will never know who you are, so relax!

For any of you who have read this far I have some information for you. If you are looking for any sex blogs in the nominated list, you may wonder what category you should be looking up. Well wonder no more. They are listed under “Sports and recreation” (only in Ireland!) Enjoy!

Thanks again. I am still really enjoying writing this blog, and I hope you enjoy reading it now and then.

26 thoughts on “Hint hint!

  1. How can you pick just one? I couldn’t so I nominated you in two categories. Best blog “What Do You See When You Are Looking at Me?” and Health/Wellness “Gone”. I hope you win this year. You deserve the awards!!!

  2. Off shortly Tric to nominate – hope I can follow the links – that is after I find ‘Sport and Recreation’
    Wonder if I could look for a nomination or would that be classed as cramping someone’s style!!!!!!!! only joking we’ll let you fly the flag.

    1. Of course you can look for nomination. I will do so. You re Irish and have a blog. Check it out and let me know what category. Thanks and hope you enjoyed “sport and recreation”

  3. Done. Sigh. I’m sad. I want to be nominated for this. I suppose it’s just for those of you who live in Ireland. Can’t I be an honorary citizen? I PROMISE i will be a model honorary citizen.

  4. I agree with Beth – you wuz robbed last year

    I have to start work in a few minutes but will nominate you when I get home this evening

    (after I’ve checked out ‘sport and recreation’ ) 😆

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