Break The Silence!

In the parenting category every day,
I see a myriad of posts on,
Potty training, sleep difficulties, schooling issues, etc.
relating to young children.
Do these children never grow up?
If so do they become perfect teenagers?

I read about the isolation, despair, sleepless nights and
endless worry that comes with parenting a young child.
I have read a million times the posts asking for help
with these issues.
Every new parent is seeking advice and comfort from others who know.small__2809506829

Why do teenagers parents not ask for help?
Do they not have teens like mine or my friends?

Where are the posts…
“Help, my teenager is out of control!”
“I worry as my teen has no friends”.
“My teen has violent mood swings, I think he’s taking drugs”.
“My teen came home drunk”.
“I need advice, my teenager ignores all house rules”.
“I think my daughter/son is having sex”.
“Is it wrong not to like your son/daughter?”

What is stopping us asking?
Social networking is portraying what we wish to be true.

Enough with the cooking and baking and perfect family image,
Say it as it is…
Help… I need help….
My teenagers are driving me insane…
Can someone please help?

photo credit: ashley rose, via photopin cc

8 thoughts on “Break The Silence!

  1. Maybe the teens are having to express for themselves?
    Sadly, there are a lot of eating disorder posts. Looking back now at the little girls struggling is hard. That’s why I share my healing story. I agree, the perfect image thing has to go. It’s not real.

  2. “Is it wrong not to like your son/daughter?”

    my wife used to draw a distinction between loving and liking

    she loved both her sons equally because she was their mother but she didn’t like the person No 1 son turned into as an adult

  3. I think the reason mothers are willing and comfortable to ask for help when their children are little is because, at that point, they don’t feel like any of it is on them yet. Kwim? But by the time they’re ten or so, all of a sudden it might be the mom’s fault (in their mind, at least), so it’s harder to admit a problem and ask for help. 😉 We *shouldn’t* feel this way, but I think that’s what happens.

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