Help! The Beast is coming.

Listen up, those of you who don’t live in Ireland, as I’ve big news. We are waiting with bated breath here for the disaster that is looming this week. According to Met Eireann, or the weather forecast for those of you without Irish, the ‘Beast from the East’ is on its way.

Can you believe it?

We are mere days away from… SNOW.

I bet that shocked you!  We are watching our screens hourly for updates. So far photo credit: jamelah via photopin ccwe’ve been told it’s going to get ‘bitterly cold’ tomorrow and Wednesday. But that’s not the worst of it, it’s to be ‘even colder’ than ‘bitterly cold’ on Thursday and Friday. So cold we’ve no words to properly describe it.

Along with the bitter cold those in the know tell us there is going to be snow. Not just any old snow mind you, but drifts of snow and even blizzards. The excitement on the weather report is palpable. What a great few months they’ve had, what with Storm Ophelia and now a real live Beast.

The citizens of this country are preparing for disaster. In the past few years we’ve had a whole cm of snow fall which has led to traffic chaos and school closures, but this is going to be different, they’ve promised us inches! I suspect there’ll be people stuck on roads for days.

Bad and all that the threat of this Beast is, I have worse news.

There is every chance that this weather may actually cause me a personal tragedy. I think we should pause here for that to sink in…

I’m trying to be brave about it and hoping I’m wrong, as the mere thought of it <img class="size-medium wp-image-13883 alignright" src="" alt="photo credit: Shawn Harquail Slip ‘n slide via photopin (license)” width=”300″ height=”200″>brings tears to my eyes, but if this beast does arrive and cause the mayhem they are predicting, there is a very real chance I will have to postpone a girls night away on Friday night!

Yes, after months of planning we finally found one night which suited eight of us to go away and it happens to be the very week the fecker that is the ‘Beast from the East’ has decided to come visit.

Such is my desperation I seem to have found religion and can be heard throughout the entire weather forecast to say over and over, ‘Ah Jesus!’ I may even resort to putting the child of Prague outside in the hope he does what everyone says he does and brings fine weather.

I will keep you all posted. In the meantime enjoy Spring everywhere else in the world and think of us over here in freezing cold Ireland, glued to the forecast and checking for snow every few minutes.

If you don’t hear from me over the next few days don’t worry I’m probably cut off by at least two cm of snow, but if I’m not around by Saturday please send a snow plough, or wine!

photo credit: Shawn Harquail Slip ‘n slide via photopin (license)
photo credit: jamelah via photopin cc
photo credit: Are you afraid? via photopin (license)

30 thoughts on “Help! The Beast is coming.

  1. Here in Scotland we are also awaiting the arrival of snow. To mark the occasion , our old boiler committed ritual suicide yesterday in a spectacular plume of black smoke. I spent all today trying desperately to contact plumbers who are already overbooked. Luckily a friend, displaying that highest and most pure human emotion—pity—came over tonight and performed emergency boiler CPR.

    1. Oh no, the timing of that! I hope it makes a full recovery.
      There’s no milk or bread in the shops this evening. I know they’re probably right but I keep thinking it’ll bypass us here in Cork and we’ll be laughing at the fuss.
      Good luck with the Beast. I can’t imagine he’ll bypass Scotland.

      1. It can’t be as bad as Chicago, where the arrival of winter blizzards (every single year) takes the city government by complete surprise. Or Washington DC, where I was once following a snowplow only to see it stop in the middle of the Beltway, at which point the driver leaped out and ran off.
        But mostly I remember growing up in San Jose, California, where we would tell visitors that we did TOO have weather—we just kept it on the tops of mountains where it belonged. When it rained, Reed Elementary School closed early due to ‘Rainy Day Session’. I’m not sure if they thought we’d melt, but students were all sent home. I swear this happened.

        1. Hahahaha. Can you imagine how illiterate our children would be if we had ‘Rainy Days?’ Hope you’re staying warm over there. The snow has arrived here ahead of time and it’s quite heavy. Can’t imagine how Friday will be if it’s anything like they are predicting.

        2. I’m warm and toasty and have absolutely no intention of venturing out until spring. Unfortunately, the dog has other ideas… Stay warm!

  2. i agree with your follower above. it’s what we do in the snowy northern states. we get ‘snowed in’ and just have to stay where we are, hotel and all, and celebrate our good fortune.

  3. Oh no. The snow beast. Can you all jump in your cars and leave early for your weekend. Maybe you’ll get stranded with all the girlfriends and have to enjoy – I mean, suffer – each other for a few extra days. Now that would be so sad (snicker snicker). So so sad. We live in a place where a dusting of snow causes everyone to completely forget how to drive. Enjoy your snowmageddon, Tric. I hope you are able to pull off the weekend!

  4. We’ve finally got a break from all the snow here.. And I’ve an infected child so we can’t go out 😦 I hope the weather doesn’t spoil your trip away!

    1. Afraid the Beast has arrived a couple of days early so all hopes of leaving are dashed.
      I’ll just have to watch Netflix with wine and chocolates to drown my sorrows.

  5. Your news folks sound just like ours when we are in the path of some forecasted weather emergency. I’m usually watching them thinking “is that excitement I hear in their voice or concern”. Fingers crossed it misses and you are able to make your escape…oops I mean have your girls night away.

    1. The Beast has landed Tanya and between now and Friday night there is to be a lot more snow. To be honest the amount that’s fallen tonight already is enough for me!
      Girls night abandoned. Waahhh.

    1. ‘Sea. Pox. But if we are to be stuck in I intend to do so in style, writing, reading and watching Netflix while staying hydrated with wine.
      I’ve no idea why the country feel the need to eat so much bread I stocked up on chocolates!

  6. First of all, has everyone crushed the stores to get the proverbial milk and bread that become hot commodities any time “snow” is in the forecast here? Personally I’m a little jaded….we keep getting weather forecasts (every single winter) of the next snowmageddon and it never happens. I hope you all stay safe and warm and have your girls weekend out!!!!

    1. It’s here Colleen. Two days ahead of the worst of it we have heavy snow! I wonder what the morning will bring. I’ll put up a few photos in time as who knows when we will ever see weather like it again here.

      1. Oh I can’t wait to see it. Not that I want you to have it. I like snow. I don’t like that people have to drive in it, but I like it. I love the blanket of peace it creates (even if it is an illusion). Stay warm!!!!!! For heaven’s sake, did you get the milk and bread>???????

    1. It’s arrived ahead of time here too tonight. We’ve had quite heavy snow and it’s not to be too bad they say until Friday! Stay warm and safe over there.

  7. Well, said beast is beginning to dig himself in here, gently so far..but it is COLD, and I am aiming to do as little as possible, just staying clear of the snow and ice and wind….

    1. It’s arrived, a little ahead of schedule for those of us here in the southern end of Ireland. So that’s that. But we’ll make the most of it and there’ll be plenty reading, writing and watching of Netflix. How bad I suppose.

  8. Ahh, it’s been in the mid-fifties here, cold, but not freezing, and rain is finally on the horizon, much needed. I’d love to see even a tiny drop of snow, but not here near San Fran. 🙂 Stay hunkered down, pour yourself a hot toddy or wine, and reschedule your girl’s night out. 🙂

    1. The snow has arrived already so it’s actually happening! Have plenty to eat and can happily stay hunkered down for a few days. All okay except for missing our night away, but am resigned to that now.

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