One Pillow.

I met my future over twenty five years ago.
And he changed me forever.
He was everything I did not look for,
and I became all I frowned upon.

He was solid, steady, and clean shaven,
an all round good looking “nice” guy.
I became a love sick puppy,
who chased her man shamelessly.
Of that I am still not proud!

In those early years,
we could not be parted.
Our lives intermingled.
Every possible moment spent in each others company.
We lost ourselves and became a couple.

The years have sped by.
The couple have become a crowd,
with four children now in the mix.
The hours together are just moments some days,
as we juggle family, work and leisure.

The quiet house we once enjoyed,
is a distant memory.
There are many voices wanting to be heard,
always someone looking for a piece of us.
No time to be a couple anymore.
Just a touch of a hand, a look or a hug,small__3162445168
to remind us.

Then nighttime comes,
and one by one the voices leave to sleep.
The house becomes quiet.
It is just us.

This is the only time we get to remember,
that we are a couple not a crowd.
Every night we climb into our oversized bed,
no children come between us,
as we fall asleep together on the same pillow.

photo credit: analogophile via photopin cc

20 thoughts on “One Pillow.

    1. Thank you. I can hear time ticking already and do enjoy my lively house. I suppose I am just saying after twenty five years, it can be difficult to find time together and easy to get lost.

  1. You’re a couple of years ahead of me – I still find my husband asleep in bed with one or two of our children snoring beside him, but it won’t last much longer…. This is a beautiful post.

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