Back to the future.

Yesterday I had the great joy of travelling back in time. Yes, I got the chance to remember what it was to have a little one about the house. At one time this house I call home was full to the rafters with young children, three of my own four, two little ladies I minded and three of my friends children. That made eight under seven.

Before the youngest arrived.

Now the first of the next generation has arrived. He’s almost three and full of life and fun. So we packed as much as we could into the couple of hours we had together. A ten minute walk to the shop which took triple that time complicated by deciding to take the dog with us, a drive to pick up seeds to plant and the rest of the time spent out the back, shoveling compost with my little helper, (some of which went into the seed trays) followed by the planting of our purchases.

A short while later my youngest daughter arrived home. My little helper was so excited pulling her in to show off  our afternoons work, including his own special pot.


‘Look, look,’ he shouted, ‘we planted seeds and here they are now.’


I know we watered them and they are supposed to grow quickly but… really? Tadaaaa…

7 thoughts on “Back to the future.

  1. They make us laugh, don’t they? This morning I am taking granddaughter with me to see my artist son while her mother goes to the dentist, should be an interesting trip, but always good to spend some time with her, she’s a real live wire.

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