Blog break.

I’ve rarely taken a break from blogging except if I were on holidays. However I have decided to take some time out. I’m not sure how long, maybe a week, or two or more.

Don’t worry there’s nothing wrong, I’m healthy and all is good here at home, I’m still writing with the Examiner and keeping up to date with my memoir writing course. However in the past month there have been a few major changes in my life, not necessarily welcome ones.

As a result I’m a miserable fecker.

My blog has always lived up to it’s name for me, quite literally ‘my thoughts on a page’ and I’ve tried to keep it real, however I’ve no inclination to voice my moaning or to pretend I don’t feel this way.

Instead I’m taking this small break until my life gets back on track and I adjust and move on.

See you soon.

photo credit: juergenlibertus via photopin (license)

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