Seriously America?

I usually don’t believe in discussing politics in public as it only drives a wedge between people but I am compelled to express my opinion on last nights results.

Really America, what were you thinking?photo credit: Gage Skidmore Donald Trump via photopin (license)

You cannot say you are not racist, when you vote for a leader who has openly expressed his racist beliefs.

You cannot say you like women, yet vote for a man who speaks of women as he does.

You cannot believe in the rights of those less powerful, when you hear him speak of what a man in power can do to a woman, with no repercussions.

You cannot say you are not homophobic, but chose to ignore his expressed views.

You cannot say you didn’t know, because it was there daily before your eyes.

Our countries Taoiseach (leader) today “offered his sincere congratulations on behalf of the Irish people.” Well Enda Kenny you did not speak for me. For I have no intention of offering my congratulations to Donald Trump. Instead I will offer my sincere commiserations to the very many Americans I know who are upset, disappointed, devastated, horrified and fearful.

I know the world will still turn and hopefully it won’t be as bad as we imagine, but what with Brexit and now this, it’s not a future I’d wish for.

photo credit: Gage Skidmore Donald Trump via photopin (license)

38 thoughts on “Seriously America?

  1. Tric, I share your feelings. I’ve just reblogged a post from an American mum. Makes me want to weep for the many who did not want this. There and here. The world does seem to have gone mad but this woman is going to ‘fight harder’. All that’s been happening shows that we cannot afford to be complacent.

      1. Pretty hard. I’ve never been more frightened and embarrassed for my country. Due to our strange political system, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but lost the election. In my household, we’re like a family in mourning. It feels like the end of everything. We’re experiencing real grief. My two children are 18 & 21 years old. This is certainly not how I wanted their adult lives to begin.

        There are many, many people who are energized to actively oppose the hate and bigotry, however. There is also a movement to make sure the presidency goes to the winner of the most votes. I’m not sure the chances of changing that, but it won’t change if nobody tries.

        As an American, I feel like I should apologize to the rest of the world on behalf of my country.

  2. I understand where you are coming from, but many of the people who live in America (myself included) have watched this country fall apart over the past few years. We are more divided than ever. Our cost of living has greatly increased, along with the amount of taxes we pay, yet our income for the most part has remained the same. The cost of health insurance has risen tremendously and still we must pay outrageous deductibles on top of that just to walk through a doctor’s door.

    All of this (cost of living, taxes and insurance) was on the verge of raising even higher if Hillary had been elected. She and the Democratic party had their chance to improve our country, but didn’t. We need REAL change. Someone who has the motivation, heart and desire to make America great again – to turn this country around.

    We have been quickly falling down a steep slope of destruction, and America and the people can’t afford much more – financially, emotionally or mentally. We need change. Something different. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over gain and expecting a different result – that’s the Democratic party.

    As I mentioned to someone earlier, there have been times in my life when things didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to, and it turned my life upside down. Then later, I realized that there was a greater purpose behind it and it ended up being exactly what I needed. I say, let’s give this man a chance. There may be a deeper purpose than what we can see.

    1. I totally understand why he was elected. But that cannot change the fact that the man is deeply flawed, has values I intensely dislike, is a bully with a temper and is now in full control of America.
      I sincerely hope we are proved wrong, but even if we are, it will not change the fact that the man himself embodies so much of what I do not admire.
      I cannot in any way welcome his victory, but as I say I get why he was voted in.
      I hope your future is indeed bright, or brighter than it has been for you and so many others in the past.It is just sad to think that as so many celebrate his victory a large number, women, Muslims, immigrants, black Americans and Mexicans are fearful what their future may be.

      1. Your concerns are valid without a doubt and you are right that many people are concerned and are left questioning their future.

        However, just as Trump has said (after his emotions cooled), he doesn’t want to kick all Muslims, immigrants or illegal immigrants out of the country or prevent everyone from entering. He is only concerned with those who pose valid threats to America – those with criminal records who came here illegally or potential terrorists who are already on watch lists, which we have several of. Personally, I feel good about having a leader who is looking out for the safety of our people and our country as a whole.

        Just as Hillary called many of us deplorables (and made a similar statement again today), Trump also made some statements that went a little too far. We all say things in the heat of a battle that we don’t necessarily mean and then later regret.

        Neither of them are perfect and both of them are very flawed, but aren’t we all?

        As for Trump’s vulgar speech, there are probably very few men in this world who have not spoken in a similar manner. And if men were to be honest, they would admit that. He’s no saint, that’s for sure. And he’s certainly not ideal, but neither is she.

        All we can do now is wait and pray for a positive outcome….and unite as a people. Show kindness to one another regardless of our differences and work together to bring forth positive change. One thing we in America have learned is that division leads no where, but to a roadblock built out of anger, hatred, mistrust. Unity is key right now.

        1. I’ve just been reading your comment above and I arrived at the same conclusion. It is good to converse with another…one from ‘the other side’. Thank you. It’s not easy to comment when your opinion differs and I think it requires a degree of bravery.
          I think all we can do now is watch and wait. We hope we are proved wrong and you hope you are right. I suspect it will be somewhere between the two and dearly hope it’s not something else.
          The only issue in your comment I cannot let go is the one about ‘few men not having spoken in a similar manner’ I feel that this is a serious misjudgment and slur on the men I have in my life. My husband would never speak in such a manner nor would the vast majority of my male friends, even after a few drinks.
          So let us all just wait. I do hope the large divisions we see from abroad can be healed but I’m still sceptical that Trump is the man to do it.
          Thank you again. I’m sure others who read will take on board your comments and opinions.

  3. Politics = telling people what they want to hear and hoping that you are not elected and someone else has to take the blame when what you wanted to hear cannot be delivered, once you are not elected – he is probably now sitting in a dark room tearing his hair out thinking what have I just done to myself. Then again maybe not, its done now let the positive vibes be released.

    1. I agree, it has to be a case of on wards from here, but it must be so hard to live over there and have to forget so much of what he said. Rather them than me.

  4. Hi Tric, it’s a really difficult day. Must say, while I guess it was hard for Enda, I think he probably did the right thing, especially given the numbers of Irish people in America and the role America has played in the peace process over the years.
    I was a bit surprised that the sun rose today and things went on fairly normally. I don’t think we can stomach too many more shocks like this and Brexit. Time for a ‘good’ shock now, I say.

    1. Haha. Yes a good shock would be perfect.
      I do understand that Enda felt he had to say what he did, but I think he should have qualified it with a warning. Otherwise we are already pandering to a bully, afraid to upset him. Even writing that makes me mad!

  5. We cry a little. Then we laugh in disbelief. We cry some more. Then the work starts. We have to buck up and face what has happened and why. We have to (those of us that didn’t before) realize that this country is more divided than ever; more lost than ever. The bigotry has been here for a long time, it has just been hiding but it’s out there now. We have to deal wit hit. It’s not going away any time soon. The lack of consideration for others has been here; it has been everyone for themselves for a long time. We have to face that we aren’t going to change any minds any time soon. The ones that voted for him, well I won’t go into that too much but I don’t think they understood what they were getting into. They voted out of fear of what they were told would happen if they voted otherwise. The fear ain’t going away any time soon.

    What we can hope is that he won’t do everything he says he wants to do because so much of it would have to be approved by the legislature and even though that is also Republican, I hope they are reasonable Republicans that will see the idiocy of what he wants to do. Then again, I have a tiny sliver of hope after watching his acceptance speech last night. That was a different Trump than what we have seen during the last 15 months. Tiny, tiny, tiny hope; hope nonetheless.

    And we have to pray. And we have to start working to change what is into what should be.

    1. These are difficult and trying days for you Corrina, but I think if we look after our own corner and make it a better place for those around us the sum of the pieces will hopefully make up the right picture.
      I’m not convinced about his acceptance speech. I’ve little doubt that was written for him and well practiced.
      You are charged with educating the next generation, in that I see hope.

      1. My 6 year old grandson told me this morning when I picked him up for home schooling, “Nana, do you know that the bad guy won for president?” We did a few short lessons on the office, the election, voting, and some of the issues (very broadly because he’s only 6) and I took him with me to vote. So he knew a little of what was happening. Today we talked a little more about the election results. It’s actually sobering because I have to remain calm with him and try to present things without a lot of emotion. It was a good thing.

  6. I have had very few discussions with anyone who was completely “FOR” either candidate. No matter who someone was discussing, it was a matter of “what” they could over look to get to the crux of what that candidate would do. I still don’t know how it came down to these two candidates (though we must remember there WERE other candidates). The problem we had to sort out is anyone who voted, voted for something they felt that candidate could do DESPITE the horrible taste that candidate left in their wake.

    What I cannot stomach right now is the election being a reason for people to commit their own atrocities citing hate, riots, and horrible behaviors. They can blame all they want, but any individual spouting off hate and acting on it is responsible for their own atrocities. I wouldn’t blame Clinton or Trump either one, for that.

    A last thought, I saw one speech, and snippets of the other, from both candidates after the election. My question is this, WHY couldn’t they act with such decorum and civility DURING the campaign?

    Thank you Tric.

  7. The election has stirred the hatred and bigotry pot for sure. It will take time and no more fueling to still it.
    I think there is a very simple reason why their speeches were so different after the election. Both were written for them and well practiced. That’s my opinion anyway, for neither sounded like them. The only part of Hilary’s I found real was when she spoke to girls. That sounded like her.
    Good luck in the weeks and months ahead. I hope it’s a smooth transition and that Trump does not live up to our expectations.

    1. That is so sad to hear. Hopefully as the weeks and months pass you can grow to forgive your country. Only time will tell what this outcome will mean, but America is more than Trump and his foul mouth and it will survive and rise again I’m sure.

      1. The ugliness and vitriol he spewed has been legitimized by his election. Yes, America will survive, but I fear for women, LGBTQ friends, Mexicans, and most especially my many African American friends. There are protests against the outcome and I disavow any that are violent.

  8. I think your thoughts are the thoughts of many from what I seen in print and heard …scary to think why people voted in the first place. Some voted not because their believed in either one but just because the y hated the other one more ….insane

  9. I think we have to take the advice of Hillary now and give the man a chance. This is the nature of democracy.
    It was a horrible campaign, difficult to watch but what is done is done and everyone across the World has to get on with it.
    Trump has challenged the political elite and won a bruising victory. He could not have done so without a broad support base. Just as in the UK post Brexit vote it is disingenuous of the losing side to accuse the victors of ignorance and a failure to understand what they were voting for. It does them no credit to take to the streets or to social media to complain about the result in the same vitriolic way that Trump bullied his way to power.
    On a positive note it will be interesting to see how a successful businessman rather than a career politician goes about running a country.

    1. It will indeed be interesting to watch, but I’m delighted to be watching from Ireland rather than within the US.
      The thing about Trump is, that as part of his campaign he encouraged a lot of hate and division. Many who are now in the position of victor are not going to be inclined to parcel those feelings. He has stirred the pot and it is bound to spill over.

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