There I am in the paper #5

Here it is my latest article for Feelgood in The Examiner. I’m beginning to get into the swing of getting an article written to a deadline and in a way I’m enjoying the challenge, even if there are hours where I think, “What the feck am I going to write this week?”

Thankfully yer man came good the other day and offered me inspiration on a plate when he came home with a present for me,

“It’s some sort of cream,” he helpfully advised. “A face cream, for wrinkles and things, I thought you might like it.”

You can read the article here. Enjoy.

photo credit. London Irish Graduate Network

22 thoughts on “There I am in the paper #5

  1. Love it Tric! You definitely are into the swing of it now!
    The article reminds me of a time when I was a kid and said to my mother: ‘I love your wrinkles.’ I really meant it as she had lovely skin and laughter lines. She was horrified and never let me forget it!

    1. Haha. Thanks Jean. Your poor Mum!
      I got a great book from one of the little ones I teach about things children say. One of them was a grandchild sitting on his grandmothers lap who looked up at her and said, “Nana, I think you need to iron your face.”

    1. Thank you Lucia. Glad you enjoyed it. Don’t suppose much will put a smile on your face after today’s presidential result. So sorry.

  2. Oh, brilliant, Tric! You are most certainly in the swing of it now…. But do get some glasses sorted, all that squinting won’t help any nascent wrinkles…..

  3. I’ll give yer man the benefit of the doubt. Someone probably told him you would like that cream. But the prize of the day goes to the fella selling you the bulb. He was MY favorite for today! 🙂

  4. Love it, wish there was a love button in addition to a like button. I have started marking miles by the changes in my eyes and face instead of my age. Oops there I go needing bifocals now instead of just simple glasses. Besides, age is all in the imagination. I have friends in their 70s and 80s that have more energy than I do, but I do my best to try and keep up. Love your column, it is a really fun read. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Thanks Charlene. It’s a bit of pressure to come up with something but once I do I really enjoy writing it and a little more used to others reading it.
    I try to remember what my friend told me on my birthday, “Be glad, you will never be this young again” In a way I find that really inspiring.

  6. I quite like seeing myself in soft focus – no wrinkles. Put the glasses on – and it’s horrific what I see before me. Mostly my glasses live atop my head, which stretches the legs, which means they fall off. Other times they sit on the end of my nose so that I can see faraway things. I gave in to buying glasses when I realised I had to get the Kids to read out medicine labels.

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