I’ve no internet since last Thursday. 

It’ll be at least Tuesday before its fixed. 

Even my phone can’t find the Internet. 

Don’t worry though because I’m loving it. I’ve my life back, enjoying reading a million books and I’m making great use of the many hours I used to waste online by ironing,baking and painting. 


It’s awful. I’m cracking up. Obviously I need help as quite clearly I’m addicted. 

If this doesn’t make it through, tomorrow I’ll try a message in a bottle. 

Wine I need wine.

23 thoughts on “SOS

  1. You can order wine online. Oh wait! You’ve no Internet! Darn. I guess I’ll have to drink up all the wine for you. The sacrifices we make for our friends!

    1. Barry’s tea is all I’ll take if there’s no wine in it. Darjeeling would be considered very posh over here. Anyway I’m out of the darkness, internet working once more.

    1. I take it I made you smile? Good to know my trauma was good for a quick blog post. I swear I nearly went off my tree without the internet. Phew. I think I’ll stay up all night and enjoy it!

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