Good and Bad news.

So as I vaguely hinted in my title I’ve got some good and bad news.

The good news is that My Thoughts On A Page has been shortlisted in the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards. It would be a lie if I were to say I’m not delighted. The final chosen few will be notified in a couple of weeks.

The bad news is that part of the judging is based on a public vote. As I have a less than enormous following in general and I’m allergic to begging I’m not overly hopeful that my public vote will do much to recommend me to the judges. However I will ask just once, if you have the time to click the link below the badge and then click ‘Vote for this blog.’

I’ll never find out if you did so feel free to ignore.

Littlewoods-Blog-Awards-2016-Website-MPU_Vote-Now (1)

                                                                                 Just click here and press vote for this blog. I’ve been told if you log in with facebook it’s a simple process. (Thanks Corina for the tip off)

On a much brighter note, she who doesn’t wish to ever be on my blog, got on wonderfully in her Leaving Cert Exams. It’s truly a joy to see my brains, good looks and personality all shining through. Well done me I mean her.

My clever godchild and others all got what they wished for too, so a great day all round.

I think that deserves a drink.


35 thoughts on “Good and Bad news.

  1. We can vote one time per day. We do have to register on the site, however, if you choose to use FB, it’s the easiest way to register and it doesn’t post to the account or anything like that, just allows you to vote for the blog!

    Good luck! I’ll try to remember to vote daily.

    1. Thank you Corina. Honestly there is no need to vote more than once. I’m happy to be shortlisted and it’s so embarrassing to ask anyone for a vote. I’ll update the post to suggest others vote using facebook log in if they so wish.
      Thanks so much again Corina. I so appreciate it.

        1. I hate awards. How do they judge? I love your blog and it’s obvious so many others do too. You blog regularly, engage many, write great variety and feature amazing photos. What were they thinking? I don’t think they really reflect reality.
          Now with voting, how does someone with no huge social media compete with others with thousands?
          Thankfully it’s not what i’m here for. I just love writing.
          I debated whether to even ask for votes and now I have I’m still not sure.

        2. Oh thanks so much for your lovely words.
          I never, ever envisaged entering blog awards when I started off blogging. That’s not what it was/is all about for me either. However, it’s all too easy just to sort of follow the crowd.
          Sure, now that you’re in, you might as well give it a lash. I don’t think the Public Vote matters hugely anyway.

    1. Oh let me see. Tonight I’m with himself, barely communicating, as is the case in the best of marriages while yer one is off doing what LC students are famous for. Yikes!

        1. Thanks. I’m always a great woman for a challenge but… no thanks a bag of chips is not worth that.
          I was just over reading yours as you were reading mine. That must mean something!
          Thanks so much for the vote. Feel like I’ve prostituted myself. Not able for this malarkey at all.

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