Twenty six years later.

This night twenty six years ago I was a young girl, more than a little nervous of walking down the aisle in less than twenty four hours. I dreaded the fuss and the attention. I worried I’d cry for my Dad and I hoped the day would go okay. The one thing I didn’t do was wonder if I was making the right decision.

Twenty six years later I think it’s safe to say I did.

It’s no secret that there was a time in my life which was less than perfect. For years I struggled, hurting silently. No one heard my cries and I never asked for help. Until out of the blue, ‘yer man’ came along. All these years later I cannot put into words how that meeting changed my life. Perhaps this old post will.

So I’d like to say to ‘himself,’ thanks for all the love and support, for always being there, but most especially for bringing such fun into my life. xxx


As a child I lived in a happy home,
six children, loving parents and a dog.
Life was all it should be,
until he came and stole my childhood,

And I sailed away unnoticed.

I could see my family on the mainland,
and sometimes tried to visit,
but even surrounded by them,
I could not join in.

They became strangers.

It was lonely on my island.
Islanders are different,
aloof, reserved, and quiet.
Unwelcoming of visitors,

So no one ever came.

For six years I lived,photo credit: Liz Grace via photopin cc
in secret and alone.
Each day I checked my island walls,
ensuring there were no cracks.

No glimmer of light shone through.

Then, out of nowhere a stranger came
and took no notice of the walls.
He failed to see my isolation,
and uninvited, climbed onto my island

My life changed once more.

For a while we wandered together
as slowly my high walls crumbled,
until one day hand in hand,
he gently coaxed me from my island,

to a place we now call home.

Tucked away down here I’d also like to say to ‘she who doesn’t want to be in my blog,’ best wishes for tomorrow with the Leaving Cert Results and to my godchild and others (you know who you are) fingers crossed. xxxxxx

photo credit: Liz Grace via photopin cc
photo credit: Love & Rings via photopin (license)

31 thoughts on “Twenty six years later.

    1. Thank you. It’s just another day for us both, but it’s good to mark it in some way. It’s a long time when I think about it and remember all that has happened in that time.

  1. Congrats Tric and again, big hug xxx Hope your daughter is happy whatever happens, I thought my world had ground to a halt because I didn’t get what I expected, but it led me down a path that crossed where I thought I was going to go in the first place,and I met a whole load of amazing people on the way and found myself too!

    1. Thanks a mil. She actually did amazing so phew!
      I too didn’t get what I wanted the first time around and repeated. My eldest got what she wanted only to discover it wasn’t.
      The Leaving is a whole heap of stress which I really resent having to put my kids through. Hopefully by the time your children grow up we’ll have a better system.

      1. Aw that’s great! It’s very likely there will be another system in place though will probably still have a lot of holes, personally I only learned to properly study in college and that was after a few years so it would be very hard to cater for everyone, we’ll see though! Congrats again on the nomination, very much deserved! xx

  2. Your poem is very powerful!
    We got married in 1990 as well. I also found the Leaving Cert very stressful and doing the Matric along with it.
    I’ve one getting their As results tomorrow and one who if she hadn’t died, would have been getting her A level results – joy and sadness.

    1. Oh it’s so tough to see others get their results. Daniels mum had to cope with the lack of results last year. Not that every day hasn’t it’s sadness too in other little things I’m sure.
      Good luck in the results tomorrow. I’d to laugh today when friends rang me saying congratulations, as if I’d done anything!

      1. My son’s AS results are outstanding 😊 I sat in the school foyer and watched many of my daughter’s friends get their A level results. One parent came and gave me a hug. Joy and sorrow intertwined.

        1. Sending you a virtual hug. I can’t even imagine how hard it is, daily and on special days. Not taking from the great achievement of you son of course. Well done to him. Indeed Joy and Sorrow.

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