The ties that bind.

Good luck Europe! No there is no big sporting competition on you’ve not heard about, nor am I commenting on Brexit or ISIS. What I am referring to is the fact that today two of my children left home, backpacks loaded, for a week travelling Europe together.

To say their travel plans are ambitious would not be over stating it. I cannot exactly tell you where they are heading, or how long they will be in each place, suffice to say they are staying a night here and there and will be traveling to as many different countries/cities as IMG_2397they possibly can in that short space of time.

It’s not my idea of relaxing, or holiday but as they packed last night and this morning, they were full of the joys of Summer. It made me smile as a mother, and for a moment feel like, mission accomplished.

For as a parent of more than one child my greatest wish, apart from health and happiness, was for my children to get on together. I have always hoped they would be there for one another in adulthood, both as siblings and friends. However it’s not something we can be sure of. They have differing personalities and genders. Memories of growing up may pull them together or push them apart. Time and distance may change them.

So you can imagine my happiness over the past couple of days as I’ve watched them chat, plan, argue and laugh as they readied themselves for their first trip alone together. Not only are they going to spend the next week in very close proximity to each other, they will also be meeting their brother for a few days. Who knows how it’s all going to pan out, but hopefully the memories they make will create bonds that life, distance nor time can ever break.

Yes that’s my long term lofty goal. In the short term my hope is a lot less ambitious. It’s very simple,

‘Please don’t let them kill each other.’

photo credit: Shanghai, China via photopin (license)

31 thoughts on “The ties that bind.

    1. Yes, I’ve seen them do small things like sit for ages chatting on a bed together or go shopping or away for a drive together, but yes this is amazing to see. And yes fingers crossed.
      Hope you are continuing to have a wonderful time?

    1. Yes I never did it but always wanted to. Here’s hoping they can manage a week.
      Did you go with a few others? It’s something that seems to be coming back in fashion with students again.

      1. Yes with 3 other girls. It wasy first time abroad and I only knew one of them. Terrifying for an introvert like myself but I am so glad I did it. I dell in love with the continent and if I’m honest when I travel I just want to find new cities to explore. No interest in going further afield. Your kids will love it!

  1. They are creating memories for a lifetime. What an adventure. If all goes well, they’ll be talking and laughing about it (the good and the bad) fifty years from now. 🙂 Well done, Tric.

  2. I have always wanted to go backpacking around Europe. It sounds like an amazing way to find a new adventure and live in the moment. 🙂 Good luck to your children and to Europe ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. I’m sure your two will have a great time. The friend I went with years ago recently unearthed her diaries of our trip…hilarious reading

  4. Hope they have a great time.
    I went off hostelling in Cornwall for three weeks with my sister when I was 17 and she 22. We have great memories of it still. A huge adventure!

  5. This is wonderful. It is so great to have your children like and appreciate each other. I never feel so good as I do when my two (now old enough to be retired) offspring do amazing things together. And travel — so very important!

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