It’s all we can do.

Sometimes something happens that goes way beyond what you think of as horrific. Last night at about seven thirty such a thing happened in a small town in Ireland.

In Buncrana Co Donegal, a car somehow slid down the slipway of a small pier. In it were six people. For a few minutes the car floated. A member of the public, stripped off and swam to see if he could do anything. The male driver had managed to get his window partially open and handed out a four month old baby girl to the rescuer asking him to save the baby. He swam to the shore. As he did so the driver went back into the car. Moments later the car sank.

The mother of the baby girl was not with them. In the tragedy she lost her two sons aged eight and ten, her partner, her mother and her fifteen year old credit: The Candle via photopin (license)

Even as I type up all those she has lost I can’t quell the tears. It is impossible to imagine this mothers grief and pain or the horror of the days, weeks, months and years that lie ahead of her.

So remembering when young Daniel was sick, and how on more than one occasion I asked the blogosphere for help, after which he rallied against all the odds, tonight I seek your help once more. Please spare a thought for this devastated mother, her family, relatives and friends. Some of you believe in prayer, and if ever there was a good reason for your prayers I think this is it.

I can only hope that the collective grief of the Irish nation, and the thoughts and prayers of so many around the world, might in some way give her the enormous strength she is going to need to get through.

Thank you.





43 thoughts on “It’s all we can do.

        1. I think you are right. The tragedy is a two minute wonder in our media but so hard for this mother. Thank you for your prayers.

  1. Horrific is a good word for this unfathomable tragedy. I join your and the thousands of others who are grieving for this family and I pay that this mother and get little one able to get on with their lves.

  2. My first instinct when I heard about this tragic loss was to feel grateful for the few family members I have left in my life. Losing my dad and my daughter 2 months apart was absolutely horrific but I was supported by my mum and my eldest daughter. This poor woman has lost 5 of the most important people in her life. I simply cannot imagine what she’s going through and worse when the shock disappears the guilt she will have for daring to go away for a brief break with her friends. My heart breaks a little bit more for this mom. Please God continue to support her over the coming weeks, months & years.

    1. You have indeed been through so much more than most of us will ever experience. Many would look at you and also wonder how you get through.
      Funnily enough when my own close friend lost her boy, despite her raw grief, she used to say that there were others who had suffered even more. I’m not sure if that made any difference to how dreadful she felt but she and I used to speak of it often.
      Your post about rainbow children and a subsequent post I wrote having been influenced by it, had a really positive influence on a lot of people who were mourning young Daniel.
      It’s amazing how someone far away, can make a difference. That was you.
      Hopefully this poor mother will also get courage, strength from the many who think of her and care for her.

  3. Oh Tric. There is no way I can understand this. I can’t grasp it. My thoughts, prayers, and tears for this woman, her family, their friends, for everyone suffering this loss.

    1. Thanks Colleen. It’s dreadful. She is to meet with the man who saved her daughter, but who witnessed the loss of her family. I can’t imagine the pain of that meeting for them both.

  4. My heart is aching and I am choking back tears for this mother. Sending up a giant prayer for healing and strength for her and the rest of her family.

    1. Yes it’s a lifetime of hurt and loss. Thank you I hope somehow she feels the collective strength sent by so many, here in Ireland and abroad.

  5. Hi Tric, your post is so full of love.
    I just hope that all those affected by this awful tragedy, especially the young mother, will feel the collective love that is being felt for them throughout Ireland and beyond.

  6. As others have said, Tric, there are no words for tragedies like this one, but your post helps in more ways than you think. And I will keep the mother and all who is affected in my prayers…

  7. In the space of a single day, the poor woman’s entire life has been torn to shreds. I can think of no adequate response to such a bitter twist of fate. I just want to cry.

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