Why are you the way you are?

I have heard it said you are what you eat, (usually by crazies on a diet trying to reassure themselves or convince others to join them) but personally I don’t believe a word of it. Hme and frank on slideowever on occasions, I do wonder why we are the way we are?

Take myself for example, parts of my life have been less than ideal, so why am I not a bitter, tired of life, untrusting character

I’m not sure but I think a lot of the reason why I am the way I am is down to the fact that I have spent the majority of every day, for the past twenty plus years with positive, fun loving individuals who see the good in most things and believe anything is possible.

Wow, you may think, what amazing friends I have.
Who are these individuals? Are they mainly men or women?

Actually they are children.

Take the past few days for example. On Saturday I spent most of the day in the company of forty young swimmers aged eight years to fifteen at an outdoor adventure centre. Before we left they were in such high spirits that just standing near them would make your heart sing. All day we watched as they laughed, screamed and joked together. We smiled at them falling in mud, running wild and lying exhausted in the grass. The day finished with the group enjoying an hour of sliding down a slide into a mud pool, their happiness so contagious myself and a fellow coach joined in, remembering what it feels like to really let go and have fun.On Wednesday I met the same group for the final day before we break for summer. They were high on life, and we had another two hours of great fun. As they left, each thanked us for the swim year gone by, their respect and affection for us as much as ours for them.

I am now enjoying that ‘it’s almost my holidays’ feeling. There are no more 6am sessions until September, no rushing off each evening. Life will be a little less hectic for a while.

As I look back on a great swimming year with many successes as one of their coaches I feel a small sense of achievement, but when I think of this group and the other swimmers I have been lucky enough to have contact with this year I do so with a huge sense of gratitude. These wonderful swimmers have brought so much to my life, their joie de vive has infected me and thanks to them I have begun to view the world as they do.

People are good, anything is possible and every day is there to be enjoyed and lived to the full.

If life is weighing you down, perhaps look at the company you keep?

Photo by Rob Lamb. http://www.roblambphoto.com

25 thoughts on “Why are you the way you are?

  1. I think a lot of people would be wise to take a look at who they spend time with, in both the Real World and the Virtual World. Good advice!

  2. I was raised by an amazingly positive mom. She always see the bright side of every situations and it’s not because her life was easy. I truly believe it’s because she was a kindergarten teacher who truly loved her work. She spent countless hours working with kids and always had me and my brothers invite our friends over. Her perspectives on life are amazing and I always carry her with me. She has had a great influence on how I approach life.

    1. That is great to hear. I’d be more than happy if some day in the future a child of mine thought that of me. Your mum sounds wonderful.

    1. Thanks Beth. As for the slide, I looked at it when we arrived and thought ‘not a chance’, but being around such a happy gang, and their encouragement to get involved ‘cured’ me and I’m delighted I did. It was great fun if a little gross.

  3. Wise words, Tric. I’m always happy to share my Playmobils but I often get told off by children because my stories are too silly. I try to keep young-minded company, and avoid people who drag me down. Now I’d like a go on that slide, please.

    1. From the you I know online I’ve no doubt you’d love this slide. I think I’ll resist growing old forever, and as long as I can continue to be surrounded by the energy of youth I think I’ll manage it.

  4. I do agree with you. Our teenager definitely had a positive, fun and energetic effect on our family holiday. Children/teenagers are wonderful people to be around. Enjoy your well-earned rest after your busy swimming year! xx

    1. Oh yes, our teen is exactly the same. Without her our holidays would be boring as she gets us all going. As for enjoying my rest, I can assure you I’m really enjoying it, every minute of it.

  5. By the way, I love the look and feel of this page. I myself approach holidays with the expectations of a child. I approach these days, with excitement, hope for great things, and so much more. This feels great before the great event, but gets lost somewhere during or after such event.

    1. Thank you Karen that’s good to know. I’m sorry your great excitement leaves you during or after the event, I think I usually manage to hold onto it.

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