Good people deserve good things. Please help.

I’d rarely ask for anything like this, but there is only twenty four hours left.
Some of you may remember a post I did last year about an amazing man called Pa Curran who lost his best friend in an accident. His friends organs were donated and as Pa heard the helicopter fly away, carrying his friends heart, the words of a song came to him and so the song ‘Unintentiona hero’ was born.

Last year he used that song to promote organ donation. Thirty families gathered and an emotional video was made to promote organ donation.

Recently Pa posted online that he is trying to get funding to make an album. He is not looking for donations, instead, for your donation, depending on amount, you will receive anything from a signed single for €5 to a solo gig in your house for €200. There is only today left in his campaign. He is 66% there but if he doesn’t make it he loses all that has already been pledged.

All details here

I don’t know Pa personally, but small Ben was one of the little ones who were Unintentional heroes. The kindness shown to them by Pa Curran was exceptional. He deserves to have his dreams come true, for as I said before, good people deserve good things.

If you are not in a position to help please consider sharing on facebook or twitter. He has only twenty four hours from today Sunday June 28th left…

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