Operation Transformation.

Those of you who read here regularly will know that tonight is the night. Operation Transformation! In a little over two hours I will be discarding my jeans and jumper and donning my finery for my husbands belated work Christmas party.

If you have read my post ‘For one night only’ you will know I am highly traumatised by the whole occasion. My friends are howling with laughter in a not very supportive sort of way, my children are mildly embarrassed on my behalf and my husband is away with the fairies and totally oblivious to my trauma. He even suggested I wear what ever I’m comfortable in!

Well if that were the case I would wear what I have been wearing all day, and for most of my life.. a pair of jeans.

So for the preview.
Firstly the contrast…
Here are the boots I’ve been wearing happily all day, quite a contrast to the Cinderella sandals my friend loaned me for tonight. Very high heeled sandals may I add.

Killer heels!
Killer heels!
operation transformation
My comfy boots

photo (26)

Here is a hint of the dress, well the top of it anyway.

I’m afraid that is all you will get to see of it, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination, trust me it will do me far greater justice. There may be photos appearing on facebook but I’m thinking of chasing through the courts anyone who ‘outs’ me.

I will have to get dressed to leave shortly as it may take me an hour or more to totter from the car park to the venue.
Wish me luck for tonight I really could do with a drink for medicinal purposes, but drink and those heels may not be best advised. Deep breath and off I go.

40 thoughts on “Operation Transformation.

  1. here’s the thing tric – you’ve got a shoe in (pardon the pun) if you regularly dress casual then everyone will be so blown away at how beautiful you are all dressed up that no one will even notice you can’t walk in the shoes! Good luck.

    1. Ha you are spot on. Everyone was dying to see what I was wearing and how I looked. I was self conscious but once i arrived I was just one of many so it was okay. Stayed sitting down a lot though, safer on a chair.:)

  2. Totally envious of the shoes and the dress. I am sure you will look stunning, even though you will feel terribly self conscious all night (a glass of wine or two will help that, though)! Have fun!

    1. I survived! It was a good night and I didn’t kill myself in those shoes. Once a year though is more than enough. My friends have outfits and dresses for any occasion you could imagine.

    1. Thank you. I went and enjoyed the night but I was so happy to come home and kick off those heels and return to who I am. It wasn’t a disaster, but once a year is plenty.

  3. You will look fabulous. I know it. I won’t even have to see you to know it. I just do. However, I don’t envy you, not even a little bit. As I head home to put on my shorts and baggy old shirts and know I will not dress up . EVER. 🙂 Have a fabulous time. Your husband will be quite proud tonight.

    1. My OH was like the cat who got the cream! Lots of brownie points for my efforts, but so glad I am now back to jeans and boots. Glad I went though, and I scrubbed up okay if I do say so myself. 🙂

  4. That dress – from what I can see of it – looks absolutely gorgeous, and – bonus! – it matches the boots so if you fall off the heels you’ll still be coordinated. 🙂 Have a great evening! You’ll be the belle of the ball.

    1. Thanks. Home and still alive. I’d another night out last night and got to wear my jeans, what a contrast. The dress was perfect though and those sandals got lots of compliments (when they came out from under the table) Phew so glad that’s over.

  5. Please please please post a pic I will never believe it other wise 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  6. You will do great and look great! You might not remember any of it tomorrow as you might just space out once Cinderella takes you over! In any case, I hope it was a huge success!!!

  7. Gratefully, I have never worn heels. Except for the time I was 10 years old…. I twisted my ankle and I decided right there not to ever try that again.

    1. I am very pleased to let you know Jackie that I survived the heels unscathed (although I was very careful all night), so no need for the crutches my daughter had left out for me in the hall. I’d a good night despite not being dressed as I’d like.

  8. Hope you enjoyed yourself, and managed to stay upright without falling off those heels. Much love to you for biting the bullet and “glamming up” for your husband. Please please post a pic of the full dress, even though you’re not wearing it. That shot didn’t come close to describing the rest.

    1. I’m home and still alive, standing up on two undamaged ankles you’ll be pleased to hear. I did try to take a proper photo of the dress but it just didn’t come out right. You’ll just have to wonder!
      My OH was well impressed that I went ahead and dressed up. Chalking up a few brownie points for another day. 🙂

      1. Well done you. I’d have put money on you falling due to the heels, but I’m so pleased you’re safe and well with no damage done. I bet you were the best dressed woman there as well. Love to you and your OH.

  9. To late for helpful hints, but once dinner arrives you can kick the shoes off and go barefoot 🙂 Beautiful outfit, Tric, and I’m sure you were beautiful in it. Hope you managed to retain burps and un-princessy language (I’m no good at that).

      1. MM I was a total lady. The trick was remaining sitting as much as possible, so I did plenty of that. Glad it’s over though although I did enjoy it.

    1. Yes I made it. Actually the shoes were very comfy to wear just high and skinny so not the safest! My daughter, the thoughtful brat, had left crutches by the door for me, but no need thankfully.

    1. Oh definitely I’d have been most disappointed ditching my prince and for once I think he imagined he had a princess. I was glad to get home though to ditch both the dress and shoes and just be me (much to his disgust I’d say!)

      1. I am always sitting down, being in a chair, and thus I can’t even wear high heels, or my knees would be rammed up my nostrils I think. I have very long legs. When standing, I would be 70 inches tall – a little taller than the norm.

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