I hold my breath until I see you again.

Wear your ruby shoes when you’re far away,
so you’ll always stay home in your heart”.

(love and happiness)

From the moment my first baby was placed in my arms I became a different person.
Life was no longer about me.
When she smiled my heart soared,
when she cried my heart broke.
When she was hurting I felt her pain,
when she succeeded I relished her success.

Today I look at my eldest, my firstborn,small__5541670710
and I marvel at all she has become.
Many milestones have been passed,
with lessons learned along the way,
by both of us.

She has paved the way for her siblings,
and helped mould me into the mother I have become.
Tonight she is leaving home for a few weeks.
I know she will be back.
I know she will have a great time.
I know I am so proud of her.

I know how much I will miss her.

Tonight I kissed her goodbye,
and said cheerily ‘Have a great time sweetheart’,
while whispering within my soul,
‘Be careful my darling, come home safely’.

Tonight, as I did the last time she left home, I post this song, and hope once more that my ‘little one’ has packed her ruby shoes

photo credit: holytoastr via photopin cc.
photo credit: Sheila in Moonducks via photopin cc

13 thoughts on “I hold my breath until I see you again.

  1. It is so much more of an adjustment for us than for them….this whole growing up thing! I can relate. My youngest son is home for a couple weeks right now and I am cherishing every moment. There has been some transition time…back and forth, but now he has decided that “home” is not here anymore. It is six hours away..new life, friendships, etc. What I have learned is that all that we invest into our relationships with them when they were younger is key to our relationships with them as adults. Everything will be ok…as I am sure from reading your blog, that you have done just that. We have to continue to grow right along with them. 🙂

    1. You summed up my life and thoughts so perfectly. It is good to think the foundations laid when they are young remain strong. Thank you for that your reassurances are much appreciated tonight.

  2. Oh mothering and fathering! I met a man yesterday whose kids are well into their 40s and he started talking about how he’d asked an older friends years back, ‘When do you stop worrying about your kids?’ The friend said, ‘When they’re in their mid-thirties.’ He just looked at me and said: ‘That’s not true, you know. I think you never give up worrying about them but I wouldn’t have it any other way.’

    1. I see my mom in her 80s and she still cares for us all so much. I can only hope my gang do not challenge me as much as we have done my mom.
      I can already see my eldest ‘moving away’, and beginning to live more independently, until something happens. 🙂

    1. Thanks. She will have a ball and this is what we wish for as parents, to rear our choldren to be independant , but we still worry and miss them. I love this song.

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