Bloggers, does this sound familiar?

Oh that’s a really good idea for a post.
I can’t wait to write it.

But first I must get home.

How will I start…? photo credit: <a href="">Melissa Venable</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
Yes, perfect, that should work.

But first I must make dinner.

Now where was I..?
Oh yes, I can see where this is going.

But first I must get the kids to bed.

How will I end it…?
Oh wow, that will work really well.

But first I must get myself a glass of wine.

Great, the kids are in bed and I’m alone with my thoughts.
At last I can begin….

Ah for feck’s sake, I can’t remember what I was going to write!

(Bloggers, please tell me that I am not alone).

photo credit: Melissa Venable via photopin cc
photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc

39 thoughts on “Bloggers, does this sound familiar?

    1. Only the other day one of my daughters suggested the memo on my phone. I thought it was a great idea.
      However the problem is that when I get an idea for a post I always think to myself, ‘Ah I definitely won’t forget this one’.
      Wrong every time. Definitely a slow learner.
      I really think I’ll try to do something about it, because seriously sometimes I really do have some great ideas (according to myself anyway)
      You are a prolific blogger, and I really enjoy reading your many stories, now I know your secret. 🙂

  1. Very familiar Tric! I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a terrible blogger – I can only. blog on when I feel in the mood for it all. You, on the other hand are doing amazingly well. I’m always impressed by your constant ideas, thoughts and commitment.

    1. Thanks Olivia. Don’t forget my little ones are a lot less little than your two, so I’d never agree that you are a terrible blogger.
      I don’t think of it as commitment. It is more an addiction. It is now I think, three days since I posted or wrote anything, and I am tetchy and irritable. I just love to write. I don’t schedule, pre plan, or write and store posts, I just write and enjoy.
      Except for the time I spend trying to remember that post!
      By the way I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Are you back home yet?

      1. Ha, Ha! You’re two kind. One of new year’s resolutions – to blog more regularly. It’s easy to tell from your blog that you genuinely enjoy writing 🙂
        Yes, we got back on Stephen’s day. Hubby had to go back to work, but he was lucky to have time off. Next year he’ll be working over Christmas.
        We had a lovely time up north. It was great for all the little cousins to spend time playing with each other and they had great fun exchanging gifts.

  2. I have a micro recorder I go to bed with because that seems to be when the ideas come. I also have a list of ideas in a word document where I work. I guess you could say I am a hyper-organized person – and not just for the blog.

    1. A micro recorder would be a really easy way to record ideas, although knowing me I’d spend my time looking for it! You have always struck me as someone who is quite organised. I’m afraid I am seriously lacking in that department, although I’m probably better organised on my blog than anything else.

  3. What about those draft posts you mentioned a while back, tric? Wouldn’t mind reading a few of those.

    I’ve abandoned many a half-baked germ of an idea only for a few of them to re-surface in a different context or tone down the line.

    1. I have 180 in my drafts folder now, but some did make it into posts. I just checked the first twenty five and I have titles such as ‘gut feeling’, ‘thank you Dad’, ‘Characteristics my parents gave me’, and ‘being a mother is a real pain’.
      No shortage of topics there. Thanks for the reminder. I’m even intrigued now to look back at them.
      Todays post came from the fact I was away all day. We drove over 150miles and I spent many a happy moment in my mind writing, only to find tonight I cannot remember what the topic was.
      Thanks again for the prompt, I’m off to look at early drafts to see what I used to think about. 🙂

  4. lol nope it happens to me all the time! I started keeping a notebook in my purse but that only works if I am not at work! I very well can’t whip itout in the middle of being on the clock now can I?

    1. Maybe not, but what about bathroom breaks? 🙂 I got a notebook too but can never find it when I want it. Maybe I’ll make it a new years resolution.

    1. Thanks Colleen. Phew, I thought that I was having senior moments.
      Just curious, based on tenderness on the blocks comment, do you have many drafts unpublished?

      1. Just out of curiosity I checked and I have 1,837 published (I had many more but went back and unpublished some rubbish ones, and should unpublish many more), 560 drafts, 121 private (many of those were once published and now deemed rubbish by me, it will one day increase in number).

        1. 560 drafts. You will never again be able to say you have writers bloc with all those writing prompts.I hope your Christmas was okay Colleen despite your losses this year.

        2. IT was a busy and full Christmas for sure Tric. There were some struggles for many around me, no doubt. As you well know, sometimes the days fly, and other days, we get stuck in the pain of them.

          Many of those drafts are one sentence and then….nothing.

          Or a full page and then I didn’t like it. But will come back to them much later looking for something and it will suddenly feel right to write. 😉

  5. Uggh. Yes, brilliant idea right on the tips of my fingers, and something happens that drags me out of my writing frame of mind. Fingers at the ready again; nuts! Brilliant idea has slipped away. And by the time all the demands on my life are satisfied, I am so tired I have to give it a rest until another day.

    1. Mine come as I am driving and I often write and rewrite the posts in my head, that is why I’m amazed when I forget them. I can imagine how running would be great for having inspiration.

  6. Absolutely, definitely NOT ALONE!! Drives me mad.
    When I’m very organised I’ll sometimes top, maybe while waiting for school pick-up, and jot down some thoughts and sentences in notes, or Blogger app, on my phone. If my phone hasn’t run out of battery that is……. !

    1. I’ve never used my phone for notes but now i might. I have even got a notebook which is absolutely empty after six months. Reading all these comments has helped me realise I’m definitely not the only one, and neither are you!

  7. Hi Tric! You’re not alone by any means. I’ve taken to writing anywhere, anyhow so ideas don’t escape. Never underestimate the steamed up kitchen window for jottings! Once you’ve written it down, it won’t leave your head. Oh and a stick and a mucky path work wonders too not to talk about mirrors. Important that nothing is too clean! That white sofa you mentioned before wouldn’t suit me at all!

  8. The story of my blogging life! And honestly by the time everyone is in bed and out of my hair, I’m too exhausted to form a single sentence that makes sense.

    1. When they all go to bed and I’ve a glass of wine in my hand, that is when I can really concentrate on blogging even if I’m exhausted. I love that time, alone, just me and my blogging buddies.
      I hate when I can’t remember a particularly good idea I had for a post,although as tenderness on the block commented I should just look at my drafts for inspiration.

  9. Today I decided I had to start taking notes in my phone and add them later on because this keeps happening! Life just gets in the way otherwise – its also why I’m terrible at responding to things and why there are so many half written drafts that I forget haven’t been finished or published.. Great post, definitely agree 🙂

    1. Thanks. Yes life definitely gets in the way. Judging by the comments it looks like it is the norm, thankfully.
      Good luck with your note taking, just today it happened to me all over again!

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