Where Is Your Sense Of Humor?

I’m still a little shook after the sad events of the past week, however I wanted to remind you all that I used to be a fun read and humour featured strongly in my posts. I intend to get back there next year, if you will stick with me! I wrote this almost two years ago, when I was brand new to blogging.
I wrote this before…….

My thoughts on a page.

What is it that makes me choose the category  ‘Humor’ before any other?
Why can I not take life seriously?
Why do I want to reduce every situation to one I can laugh at?
Is there something wrong with me?

The more blogs I read the more I question my sanity?
So many are so serious.
Sometimes I have to bite my tongue, (in my case, take my fingers off the keyboard!)
When I read about parenting discipline issues etc I am so tempted to comment, small__3288730203
“Or you can just slap them!”.
I hasten to add I have never slapped a child in my life,
its just my humor!
I know, its sick.
Its definitely not ‘normal’.

Do you ever see someone come towards you, and you cringe?
They suck all the joy out of a room.
This is a typical conversation you would have with this person.
“Hello, Isn’t…

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2 thoughts on “Where Is Your Sense Of Humor?

  1. There is no need to worry or apologize. Funny posts or not, we’re here. That’s what a blogging community is all about, right? To support each other through the good and bad times. 🙂

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