We’re having a heated debate…in the bedroom.

Yer man and myself have been together for over twenty years, yet recently things have gone a little cold.

Now don’t get all dramatic,it’s not what you think. I’m not talking marriage break up here. You see towards the end of last winter my electric blanket blew up. I swore I would replace it but the only time I would remember was just as I was getting into bed. Thankfully the Summer came, so naturally I forgot all about it. Until a couple of weeks ago, when Summer left us ever so suddenly.

Since then our nightly routine has gone thus….

He is tucked up, on my side of the bed (as over the years he has rarely found his way to his own side). Moments before getting into bed I remember with a jolt,

wrapped up warm
‘Feck! I forgot to buy an electric blanket’.

‘Ah will you stop about a blanket, sure I’m here’, he says as I get into bed.

‘Ye, well great and all as you are I’d prefer a blanket’.

‘That’s terrible. A blanket! If you ask me they should be banned’.

‘Are you for real? There’s nothing wrong with an electric blanket’.

‘For Gods sake what would you want a blanket for when you’ve got me’.

‘No offense, you do a good job on my side of the bed but you are no electric blanket’.

Two minutes pass by…

‘Hmmph An electric blanket! Come on you’ve got to admit it, you’re warming up’.

‘Of course I’m warming up, but I’d be roasting by now if I had a blanket’.

‘Well who would want to be roasting? Sure that’s unnatural’.

‘I’d love to be roasting. And tomorrow I’m going to remember and I’m going to get an electric blanket’.

‘Well I wont be lying on it’.

‘Really? You think not? That’s what you said last time and I’d have needed a JCB to move you off it’.

‘That’s not true. Anyway I’m not a wuss. No man needs an electric blanket’.

‘Well there’s the problem. I’m not a man I’m a woman, and tomorrow I’m
getting an electric blanket. I can’t wait,’

And so we drift off… until one night later,

‘Feck! I forgot to get an electric blanket.

photo credit: *Nom & Malc via photopin cc
photo credit: joeldinda via photopin cc

22 thoughts on “We’re having a heated debate…in the bedroom.

    1. Ha trust me I know my OH does too, just not as brave as you to admit it..
      Guess what I remembered today? Yes thanks to your email I downed tools and went off and got one.
      Don’t think it will get a good reception tonight though!

    1. I couldn’t believe it. He actually read that post last night and yet we still had the conversation when we went to bed!
      But today I remembered and yahoo, can’t wait for my cosy bed tonight.
      Now that is going to be a whole new conversation. πŸ™‚

  1. I used to have the same argument with Anita – she wanted a blanket, I didn’t

    eventually, she won me over – not by the power of argument or persuasion but by waiting until I was all nice and cosy and drifting off to sleep then slipping into bed and wrapping her cold hands and feet round my naked body to warm herself up

    after many such rude awakenings (i’m sure she used run her hands and feet under the cold tap before coming to bed), I relented and agreed to an electric blanket – but one with dual controls so she could turn on the half of the blanket on her side and I could leave the blanket on my side off !

    maybe one of these split double-sized blankets would keep both you and your man happy ? πŸ˜†

    1. Ah Duncan your Anita had good sense. I know myself and herself would have been good pals.
      Well I bit the bullet today and remembered to get the blanket. There was no dual one so I bought a single, which will probably creep over to his side!
      I can hear tonights conversation already. πŸ™‚

    1. I did it. I went searching but they were out of dual ones so I bought a single.
      I’m sure he’ll get over it when he sees a smiling me next to him. πŸ™‚

  2. FECK!! Lol. I can’t get to my wife’s side because she’s always in bed first and builds this impenetrable pillow fort around herself that’s just ridiculous. How we ever made three kids is a mystery to me.

    She also has an electric heating pad, but I don’t think a blanket. They make large, electric blankets? Damn, that sounds really hot. Like too hot.

    1. Yes I enjoyed the idea of misleading a number of readers. I could have made it even more misleading, but I was afraid I’d be divorced!
      Glad you enjoyed it.

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