I hate technology.

It is a little over a week ago since my laptop became ill. It was not anything terminal, but it did require treatment from a professional. Reluctantly I handed it over, and within an hour I had begun to itch.

Oh the posts I would be writing if I had it. I seemed to see ideas for posts everywhere. I tried to keep myself occupied, and with a busy bank holiday weekend here in Ireland luckily I didn’t have too many idle hours.

However today is Tuesday and I am still not up and running. I feel like I now need the equivalent of a methadone supplement in order to calm my nerves. My fingers are itching, and my thoughts keep returning to all I could be writing and reading.lost phone

So this evening I decided enough, I would have to try to type up a post on my phone. I sat down for a time to think of what subject I would like to write about, and eventually decided on a topic. Great, now where was my phone?

Slightly fed up I looked in all the usual haunts, my pocket, my coat, down the arm of the couch, upstairs, downstairs, out in the car. No sign of it, I’d have to ring it. Now where is the house phone? Yes you guessed it I once again tried all the usual haunts and after some time I found it, but on dialing my phone there was no comforting ring or vibration to be heard. It must be on silent. FECK.

By now the post in my head was changing. It was no longer a lovely post about the passing of time and the life I had lived. No, it had definitely changed tone and now featured such phrases as ‘feckin technology’, and wonderings such as ‘what use is bloody technology anyway’, along with ‘there is a lot to be said for pen and feckin paper’, and ‘life was simpler in times gone by’. Eventually after close on half an hour of what had become a frenzied search I gave in , in a temper. Tonight once again there would be no blogging, no writing. I could have screamed.

Taking a deep breath I decided to switch off even thinking about technology and social media, and resigned myself to another blog free night. My girls and I sat down to ‘girls night’. A night once a week where we sit and watch the series of Friends together pigging out on rubbish at the same time. I have kept up the tradition since beginning it with my first daughter over ten years ago and it has not lost any of it’s appeal. By the time we had enjoyed the homecoming of Ross from a quick trip to China, with a new girlfriend in tow, much to Rachel’s horror, I was a whole lot calmer.

In good form I kissed my youngest Goodnight. As she dissapeared upstairs I heard her shout, ‘Mom your phone is here on the banister’. By the time I ran up the stairs I was back thinking of the night ahead. Maybe I would post something I thought as I took my phone off my daughter.

To discover it was out of battery. Hopes were built up and dashed all in a moment. I felt alcohol calling me!

However such was my obvious dismay that my husband produced his work laptop, which was thankfully not at work. I opened it up, and off I went. Not exactly the post I intended to write all those hours ago, but a post, and writing none the less.

Now where’s my wine?

photo credit: Will Foster via photopin cc

16 thoughts on “I hate technology.

  1. I feel your pain. I finally gt my printer to shoot out 5 envelopes and I had to apologize in the letter for the “gremlins residing there.” Which would you rather have, the boring 1950s or the tech gremlins and bugs of the new millennia? 😀

    1. How many hours in a week do I spend looking for my phone! And it was missing again today. I found it in the car under the seat. I’ll never learn.

  2. I occasionally have problems when a laptop rolls over with its feet up in the air but because I work from home a lot (or used to – not so much now) I have backup in case that happens – I have a desktop computer and 4 laptops so if one dies I can switch to another without work being interrupted

    I’m with you on the phone thing, though

    when Anita was alive, I carried my cell phone with me all the time – now i’m constantly losing it

    sometimes it’s because I was sneakily charging it at work and forgot to bring it home with me

    other times it’s fallen out of my packet and is somewhere in my car

    and sometimes it gets buried under a pile of washing or something similar

    to make matters worse, I can’t use the house phone to call it and try to locate it by the sound of its ringtone because I can never remember the number

    [when asked for my contact details once, I had to bend down and fish out the little roll of paper with my mobile number written on it from the wee cylinder on the dog’s collar] 😳

    1. If I knew what peppermint patties were I might enjoy them, although they sound more like they would keep me happy by day. Are they biscuits?

      1. No, candy bar type. Here, they are round, soft white peppermint inside dark chocolate coating. I put my in the fridge or freezer so they are snappy, cold pepperminty chocolate. SIGHfully delicious. 🙂

  3. Oh I do get all of this post. ALL of it!! Especially the ‘phone losing’ and sod’s law ruling the whole day! Glad you got a post out of it all, and out of your system. I really hope that finding the wine wasn’t as much of an ordeal!! xx

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