Prayer vs technology?

Those of you who follow me on facebook will have read my plea for help last night. Can all of holy Ireland and those with any influence please call on the all seeing St Anthony to find my phone. As a non believer he’ll never listen to me, even if I promise my instant conversion. … More Prayer vs technology?

I hate technology.

It is a little over a week ago since my laptop became ill. It was not anything terminal, but it did require treatment from a professional. Reluctantly I handed it over, and within an hour I had begun to itch. Oh the posts I would be writing if I had it. I seemed to see … More I hate technology.

Out Of Contact

To anyone who was disturbed, today at approximately 12.30 Irish time, I apologize. If you were woken from your sleep, I doubly apologize. But that was the time I discovered, my phone had fallen out of my bag. “ohmygodmyphonesgone!” was what you heard screamed wherever you were. Initially I was numb. It couldn’t be. I … More Out Of Contact