Second time around. Would you do the same again?

In two weeks time my brother is getting married.
A family wedding. A wonderful occasion.
Hopefully one in which we don’t all kill each other!

However it has made me think,
If I was getting married again,
(to the same fella!),
would I have the same wedding I had before?
What would I change?

When we got engaged my sisters first reaction was,
I’m not being bridesmaid.
So I chose my closest friend.
One who had shared some very difficult days with me,
and with whom I had laughed with so often.
She was living in the USA,
and agreed to come home for the occasion.

Fast forward to today,photo credit: Light Knight via photopin cc
and I would still chose my best friend,
but her name has changed.
My previous bridesmaid would still get an invite,
and would hopefully come home to celebrate the occasion.

Bridesmaid sorted. Tick.

Now to the other questions,
which to be honest over twenty years ago,
did not cause me a moments thought.

Would I wear white?….. Don’t think so.
I’m a naturally messy individual and within moments it would be stained.

HE would be delighted as he would be hoping I’d get something reusable.

Would I wear a dress?
Not a chance. I am not a great one for the feminine look,
and a white creation on this old body would look ridiculous.

HE would be disappointed, but happy also,as now reusable looks more likely.

Maybe I’d wear a suit?
A suit? Me? I have never worn any type of suit in my life,
except once when I was being confirmed and as far as I know,
all photographic evidence has somehow disappeared.

HE would be disappointed as he might have hoped I could borrow one.

Would I get married in a church?
I have no religion, despite what my baptismal cert says,
(or my mother would hope),
but my fiance (remember we’re not married yet) is a catholic.
Would I go through a ceremony for him?
I did once, but do I love him enough to do it again?
I could be persuaded if he really wanted me to.

HE would be delighted as he is convinced that deep down,
I really do believe in religion.

Would I change my name to his?
You must be joking. I loved my name,
and if you ask me,
I must have been intoxicated to agree to drop it in the first place.
Hundreds of years of history,
and a tangible link to my Dad,
lost forever!
No chance.

HE would be mega insulted and cross.
Many hours of conversation about the “fine Kearney name” would ensue.

Who would we invite?
I would think family and friends, a real good knees up.

HE would think euros, euros, euros!

Where would we have our wedding, city or country or maybe abroad?
I would think Ireland, somewhere near mountains and sea.

HE would think Euros, euros, credit: <a href="">Images_of_Money</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

Would there be a honeymoon?
I would like to think there would be.
However after all the rows which are likely to occur,
in the lead up to the big day,
and the fact he is an accountant whose hobby is counting money,
money which would be almost non existent by the time we’d be married,
I would imagine, no, there would not be a honeymoon.
If I were to be completely honest,
there would be no wedding either.

So no happy ever after?

Well as we did all this a long time ago,
we are already in our happy ever after.
Although this reminds me to never renew our vows!

photo credit: Light Knight via photopin cc
photo credit: Images_of_Money via photopin cc

6 thoughts on “Second time around. Would you do the same again?

    1. I am so looking forward to it. I am sure it will have it’s moments but I don’t care, it will be fantastic to have us all together for a happy occasion. My family are what you might say a family who know how to party!

      1. It will be a fun event; I hope all is well for them. My daughter and her beau just announced they are engaged and already there is light pressure being applied…

        1. Oh wow. Congratulations. I would feel more than pressure if I were you. Very understandable. It is so lovely for them but as her mother! Yikes I’d never really thought about it from that point of view. My own mum is definitely feeling the pressure.
          Oh well thankfully I’ll only be a sibling at it, and can really enjoy the day. Have they a day in mind?

        2. It may seem funny but they’ve only met twice even though they’ve known each other more than a year. They have not decided on a day yet. His family is in Tennessee and he is in college in Arkansas until May 2014. His family is very traditional and are already asking how many children they plan to have. Alas, they are planning to enjoy the good things in life rather than being strapped down with kids. The two can marry near his family if they choose or they can elope and save the money. I have a feeling his mother will want us to chip in to pay expenses and I will need to let her down gently because I do not want hurt feelings. My husband and I are very practical; we may chip in to help them get a car or make a down payment on a house but no wedding expenses. My husband and I were married by a mayor-friend of mine and we donated $50 to his favorite charity. My attire was a corduroy jacket, plaid blouse and pants. Total cost $150. What will be will be. We are now married 32 years this month.

          You will enjoy the festivities. 😉

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