I’m on strike. Somebody please notice!

Have you ever declared war in your house but not told anyone?

Something suddenly just sends you over the edge!

The sweet papers left on the couch.
The shoes they stepped out of.
The coat that they dropped.
The dirty plates left anywhere,
except the dishwasher!

You pick them up every day,
and ask yourself the question,
Why did they leave them there?
and why the hell are you always the one putting them away?
What is it that allows everyone litter in the house but not outside?

Of all the above,small__26071134
the one that drives me insane,
is the dirty dishes left in every room.
My daughter was a serial offender,
regularly leaving plates,
with half eaten mess on them lying around.

One morning I was going from room to room,
filling the dishwasher with cups and glasses,
when I “discovered” a plate of half eaten spaghetti!
Even moments after serving it,
my spaghetti does not look appetising,
but a day later in the sitting room!

I picked up the plate to do what I usually do,
and then I felt it.
That rage I have been known to experience occasionally.
I did not sign up for this!

I went to my daughters room,
and left the plate on her pillow.
Later that night when she discovered what I had done,
she could not understand it.
Why would I go all he way to her room,
when the kitchen was nearer?

She just didn’t get the joy it brought me.
And when she saw the messy plate on her pillow that night,
and I heard her roar, “Mum!”,
my joy increased 100%.

However I digress. Back to my strike.

Every time I find some item in the house,
thrown or dropped where it should not be,
I put it on the stairs.
I do this as I think that the owner will pass it,
see it, and bring it to its correct place in their bedroom.
I have been doing this for many many years.
It has only dawned on me recently that this system does not work!

One day last week I had enough.
No More!
I would leave all belongings on the stairs.
I would not bring anything up to the bedrooms.
Without notice, I went on strike!

Did this lead to chaos in our home?
Were they all rushing to tidy away their things?
Not one person even noticed!

Day after day the pile of goods left on the stairs grew.
Lots of shoes, hoodies, books, socks, bags.

In the past when I placed a “lost” item on the stairs,
I would usually leave it on the right hand side.
After two days of strike,
the right hand side had reached capacity,
I now had to expand to the left hand side.
Soon there was only a tiny gap on the stair,
through which to pass,
And still no comment!

I moved to the next stair up.
Soon it too was full.
I couldn’t believe it.
Up and down the now hazardous stairs they went.
holding the railings in order to safely descend.
Yet not a word of wonder from anyone!

Eventually on day seven I snapped.
I had just witnessed my husband,
lift my youngest down the treacherous stairs!
I gathered everyone into the hall.

“Look”, I roared, “at the state of the stairs”.small__4628277817
They all dutifully looked.
It really was a sight to behold at this point.
Like a jumble sale stall.

They looked at me
Then they looked at each other.
“I am sick of putting away all your stuff”,
“I have been on strike for seven days!”.

There was silence.
Eventually my husband said,
in a puzzled tone,
“You should have just told us”.
They all nodded in agreement.
Then my eldest asked,
“Is that it?”.
I said “Yes”
They all began to walk away.
“Hey”, I said “What about your stuff?”.
They answered en mass,
“We’ll put them away later!”.

***Just like yesterday this is a repost. I am delighted to be able to post something with a bit of humor on a day where there has been so much sadness. Hope to be back writing soon, and that in the meantime you have enjoyed this.
And just a little update, neither I nor my family learned any lessons from the strike!

photo credit: nep via photopin ccphoto credit: joshjanssen via photopin cc

27 thoughts on “I’m on strike. Somebody please notice!

  1. I once went on laundry strike (fed up of dirty stuff not put in basket and clean stuff not put away), Hubbie didn’t notice until a week later and he had run out of underwear!

        1. Well that was a result. Nothing changed in this house. Except occasionally if the stairs fill up one of them will laugh and ask am I on strike again!

        2. i always want to do a cooking strike, but seems unfair on kids to have to wait for their dad to realize that it’s past meal time and no food has appeared! Good luck with the revolution!

        3. Ah a cooking strike. That would be great for a day I just did not want to cook! Thanks sadly I think my revolution is over. Nice to meet you.

        1. How very true. I would not like my mum to read this as she would cackle. I don’t think I was the best in my day.

  2. Oh, boy. Boy oh boy oh BOY. I feel better now- I’m not alone…. Try covering one step entirely with their stuff, they’ll actually CLIMB OVER IT. I have also tried the strike tactic; unfortunately, they just don’t seem to get it. THe only thing that works for me is to hover dangerously behind them as they chuck their plates into the sink, and silently point to the dishwasher with my eyebrows hitting the ceiling.

      1. There aren’t many rules in my hosue, but one of them is No food or dogs upstairs. It’s saved me a whole load of hassle, and dates back to when I started renting a student room and discovered a collection of dirty plates and cutlery licked clean under the bed…. Yeeeeuuurch.

  3. Thank you for a lovely laugh! Spaghetti on the pillow and the resulting yelp – love it! And I totally feel you on the sweet wrappers on the couch; it is always the minutest detail. The proverbial straw, if you will!

  4. I use the stairs ploy here and I holler whenever they go upstairs – they then carry it up and the landing fills! I was going to tell my daughter off about the state of her bedroom the other day and had to stop as I knew my own was worse – clothes everywhere but the wardrobe!

    1. My excuse for my bedroom when they use it against me is that I spend all my time doing their tidying. Mind you they now pipe up…. “And blogging”.

  5. Wow I think you are describing my home. I too go on strike and it ends up biting my ass 7 days later. They walk right by the plates and the papers, the overflowing trash. Do they not see it? DO THEY NOT FREAKING SEE IT? Lol

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