What writing with Dyslexia looks like.

Do you have dyslexia?
Do you worry your child might?
Well this post contains the homework of a ten year old,
which clearly shows what writing with Dyslexia really looks like.

I’m not one who normally shows my cute kids drawings etc on my blog.
However I loved this and I think it perfectly shows,
what dyslexia really looks like.
Its my daughters comment on homework,small_2441457811
and an insight into dyslexia.
It was written in free writing at school.

Homework can be hard but some stuf are helpful.
I thing we shoud do reading for homwork,
because it is fun and your parents can see hou you are doing.
There is no pont of doing tables espesly if you have bislecia.
You try to learn them but tow secens it is gon.
In mats at home you ar doing the exact thing you do at school.
Writing, there is no pont of doing,
because your hand herts
I hate homework there is no pont of doing homework,
it wasts time and you already did five and a haft hours.
It is realy anoing wen all your frends are out’side
and you are stuch in side.
You would ingoj school much mor if you had no homework.

If this was written by my first child with dyslexia,
reading it would have filled me with angst.
My thoughts would have been,
“Oh dear, I pray she is good at drawing”.
“Looks like studying medicine is out of the question!”

Luckily she is my second child with dyslexia.
I have watched my older son
learn how to overcome reading and writing difficulties.
At 19 he sat his final exams at school,
and despite also having dyscalculia,
(dyslexia for maths is the easy explanation!)
is now at University and it would appear accountancy beckons.
Although to quote my younger daughter
on possible careers for her when she grows up,
“Well I’m doin nothin with numbers!”.

So for all you parents out there
worried your child may have dyslexia,
because they regularly write a ‘b’ instead of a ‘d’,
Dyslexia is so much more than just writing.

And for those of you reading this and thinking,
“where did she find my childs homework?”,
Stop worrying.
Your child will continue to


With modern thinking schools are enlightened,
and with modern technology, spelling and reading difficulties are not an issue.
Your child can be all they want to be.

Maybe instead, do as I do.
Inwardly hoot with laughter at the text.
Never loose sight of what is really being written.
And above all,
celebrate their difference.
Be unashamedly proud.
I am.

photo credit: Jamison Wieser via photopincc
photo credit: symphony of love via photopincc

This is a repost slightly updated. As I explained yesterday, I am taking a very small break.
I hope you all enjoyed it.

18 thoughts on “What writing with Dyslexia looks like.

  1. Good point about the modern thinking schools, there are so many opportunities out there now that simply did not exist before for people with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

    1. The schools are great. He went to a community school and was looked after as well as if we were paying a fortune. However he only found out the week before the leaving cert that he was to be given a reader. This made a massive difference to him. The exam accommodation in this country is a ridiculous system, however now in University he is being so well catered for so all has ended very well.

        1. I’m not sure all schools are as good as the one she is in. I was so very lucky as it is a massive learning curve for parents and children.

  2. Thank you for this enlightening post and I’m glad your children are doing well! I love your daughter’s thoughts on homework – she has no trouble getting her message across.

    1. Thanks a mil. Don’t even get me started on homework, especially when I have to “help”.I must admit there have been days when the sun was shining and she was very slow when I “might” have done a few maths for her. 🙂

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