If only every day felt like this.

There are days when I wake,
and I am so cross with life.
Even before I get out of bed,
I am irritated by everyone and everything.

And then there are days like today.photo credit: Leonard John Matthews via photopin cc

Today it could be raining,
and most of what I do going badly,
and yet inside I would still be singing.

Why? I do not know,
it is how I felt since waking.
Imagine if we could discover,
what exactly makes us feel this way.
If we knew how to wake with a happy heart.

Today I look around,
and I do not see,
that not one of my children,
has done anything I have asked them to do.
Instead I see,
my four children,
healthy and happy,
lazing around together,
enjoying each others company.

Today I do not see my husband,
painting the fence,
exactly the color I did not want,
Instead I see the man who has been by my side,
for most of my life,
through the good and the bad.

Today I do not see the mountain of ironing,
the full washing baskets,
and the dirty dishes left in every room.
Instead I see the house we fell in love with,
and the home it has become.

Today for some reason,
I have a different view of life.
Today I am able to see,
past the mundane and the boring.
Today I can see how good life is.

Today is just one of those days!

photo credit: Leonard John Matthews via photopin cc</a

33 thoughts on “If only every day felt like this.

  1. I have one day like that about every three or four months, yesterday was one of them. Today I am punished for it.

  2. I’m grateful to have many days like this, but finding the “formula” to how to get here is the great mystery of life… I have a few ideas, and love to share them as I discover them! Glad to hear you’re having one of these lovely days!

    1. Share any knowledge you have as this positive and happy feeling is one I’d like to enjoy every day. Personally I have always thought that when you have been very unhappy, you really appreciate happiness whenever it strikes.

  3. Some weekends I have a lovely feeling of ‘detachment’ from the world – as if i’m in my own little time bubble – and I feel completely ‘at peace’

    it’s like i’ve spontaneously attained a calm, restful state without the bother of having to meditate

    and without the aid of wine, either 😆

    1. I thought it was fab too. It said more than I did actually. Thanks for reading and commenting. I’ll be over for a cuppa to your place so you might put the kettle on!

  4. I’m going to leave this page open for a bit in hopes that some of that happy of yours slips through and I can see through your eyes at the moment…beautiful post!

  5. When I focus my eyes up and out, instead of inward on my own circumstances, I have days like that. Most days are like that; thankful and focused on the blessings. Glad you were there today.

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