My perfect companion.

Every evening you call me,
At around half past ten.
I could set my watch by you.
You time it to perfection.
My youngest is in bed,
and I am able to sit down,
and enjoy our time together,
Just me and you.

You are not exactly demanding,
but regardless of circumstance,
you do insist on making contact,photo credit: <a href="">Todo Papel</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
every evening.
You and I are good friends,
and go way back.
Spending time with you is no chore.

My husband however has no time for you.
In fact, truth be told,
he has never liked you.
However in some things we must agree to differ.
Because I cannot imagine my life without you.

In good times you have always been there,
and by being there,
you have always added greatly to the fun of the occasion.
In bad times,
you very ably held my hand,
and allowed my tears to flow freely.

As I type this,
I am aware that tonight I have neglected you.
It is past our time.
But I hear you call once more.
Be patient, I am on my way.

…………….photo credit: <a href="">Auntie P</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

So now we are together,
I can sit back, relax and enjoy your company.
This evening you are a cheap Pinot Grigio.
Perfectly chilled.
I am sorry to have kept you waiting.
What will we raise our glass to tonight?
Oh yes The Irish Blog Awards.
Excellent choice.

photo credit: Todo Papel via photopin cc
photo credit: Auntie P via photopin cc

15 thoughts on “My perfect companion.

  1. Oh, so very clever πŸ™‚ My companion, who often may also be cheap Pinot Grigio, or similar but regardless, cheap… cheap companions are undemanding and fun… greets me when I get in after work, and joins the G.O. and I for a chat and debrief of the day while we sit on the balcony.

  2. Brilliant love ballad to a perfect glass of wine:)… I’ve yet to do it, but my glass of wine sure does deserve it… I’m toasting you:)

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