Time to say Good Bye.

He has gone to bed,
my only son.
All six foot of him.
As I type this I am still the mother,
of three school going children.
In a few short hours that will change.
My son will head off to school for his final exam after which,
I will be the mother of two school going children,
and hopefully two college goers.

I am on borrowed time.
To date I have been his constant.small__5466851383
The one who he knows is in his corner.
His mum.
The one who with just a look,
can tell how he is.

Tomorrow my schoolboy, my only son,
will leave for school for the last time.
No more school lunches to be made,
no uniforms or school books to be bought.
It is over.

As I sit here tonight I do so in wonder.
How did time pass so quickly?
A heartbeat ago I was waiting most impatiently,
for him to make his appearance.
Unaware of the joy in our lives I would give life to.

In what seemed like the blink of an eye,
I was buying him his first school uniform.
As my heart broke,
he raced into school,
without a backward glance.
The first of our ties broken forever.

As the days have raced by, into years,small__7569131882
we have shared so much.
The joys, fears, sorrows, and excitement,
that go with growing up.

Tomorrow as he towers over me,
he will leave home for school for the last time.
As I kiss him and say “Good Bye”,
He will think nothing of it.
Just his mum wishing him well in his final exam.
Little does he know what that kiss really says.
It says “Good bye my small boy.
Good bye to the million memories of your childhood I hold so dear.
Good bye my darling boy, I wish you well,
as now for you, lifes real adventures begin.”

photo credit: Lotus Carroll via photopin <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-
photo credit: Lotus Carroll via photopin <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-

19 thoughts on “Time to say Good Bye.

  1. You are so emotionally packed…whats copper coast ireland like, I read its a totally chillax place…good luck to your ‘darling boy’ its rough and wonderful out there…but i sense he had a great upbringing

    1. Yes I am indeed emotionally packed! In every day life I am relatively normal but when I write I can really say it as I feel it. I wrote this after my night out last night so I was feeling a bit mellow. ( but I did not press publish!!) I decided today to go ahead and publish. And all of Ireland is magic but especially copper coast ireland.

  2. What a beautiful and loving tribute from a mother to her child. How wonderful that you have each other as family and what a lovely wish to see him off fondly as he heads towards the next part ofnhisnadventure and knows he is deeply loved )

    1. Thank you. He is a very happy boy tonight to be finished. As a mum I am melancholic but remembering my own youth makes me excited for him. He has such a great time ahead of him.

  3. Well said, Mom. I am having the same week. My ‘little’ boy (all 6 ft+ of him) wrote his last high school exam today. He is home for the summer and then moving into residence at university in Sept. Be still my heart.

    1. Oh wow. How miserable will we both be in September? I don’t even want to think about it. I hope your son does well in his exams and enjoys the summer break.

    1. Oh if I could turn back time, just for one day. Although the banter and fun we all have as more mature individuals is also magical. But I really would love to hold him as a baby again. Enjoy your little boy.

        1. Ha ha. They have been well warned! I had children young in life, I am too young for grandchildren. Although my husband would have another baby in the morning, given half a chance.

  4. I had this conversation with Bigfoot last night. In a year he finishes secondary school and already has plans for what comes after…. His sister finishes primary school in two weeks. A page is going to turn for me; our children are racing forwards and we’re torn between admiring their flight and tempting them back.

    1. Yes it does seem like time is endless when they are small, and then once they begin to grow up it picks up pace at an alarming rate. Even watching your daughter move up a school is an end and a new beginning. Good luck to your son in his exams. Will he be moving away from you after?

      1. Too right. No more hanging around on the school wall for me soon… sniff. Bigfoot’s just done two exams, he has one more next week. Then next year it’s the final strech for the remainder of the baccauléat, and if he succeeds it’s bye bye Bigfoot for studies further afield…. Fingers crossed for him that he gets where he wants to go.

    1. Thank you so much. I’m sure you’d agree it is easy to write about something which affects you so much. I am over it all today thank goodness. My family had a good laugh at my expense, they are an emotionless bunch!

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