Women only post!

I am hoping I have put the men off!
I wanted to admit something,
and I’d rather my gentlemen followers,
(or male followers who are not gentlemen),small_4001169395
would not find out.

As many of you know I am married a long time.
So tonight I thought I’d share with you ladies,
my number one secret,
to not only staying together a long time,
but also how to resist the urge to kill!

So here it is.


My husband and I lie every day.
He tells me,
I look great.
The dinner was lovely.
I haven’t aged a day in twenty years.
My hair is not a mess.
He doesn’t mind that we ran out of milk,
even though I was at home all day.
My blog post was most entertaining.

I tell him
I bought my new expensive jeans in a sale.
I’m only meeting the girls for a quick chat.
His old faded t-shirt must be in the wash ( its thrown out).
What scratch on the car? I hadn’t noticed.
He did a great job “fixing” the broken step.
The girls and I had a very tame weekend away.

Every day a multitude of lies pass our lips.
We are experts in the field of deception.
Our face gives nothing away.
There is no hesitation in our speech.
Our lies roll effortlessly off the tongue.

I think deep down,
both of us acknowledge that we are being deceived,
but we do not pursue it.
If we were challenged we would probably admit it.small__5121057830

However there is one lie I would never ever confess to lying about.
This is why I wanted women only reading.
Ladies the sad fact is that although I will never, ever admit it ever,

I do know that sometimes my husband is right!

Now you may shake your heads at our sham of a marriage.
Maybe your relationship is of a more truthful nature.
But for myself my marriage has flourished,
in our bed of lies.
In fact I would go so far as to say,
this never to be admitted “secret lie” is the cornerstone of our marriage.

I’m right even when I’m wrong, and he’s wrong even when he’s right.

photo credit: emelec via photopin cc
photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) via photopin cc</a


18 thoughts on “Women only post!

  1. O.K.

    Read the title.

    If you don’t want men to read this post, fair enough – I’ll just be on my way then (says he, strolling nonchalantly away, whistling softly and wondering if tric believed he hadn’t read her post) 😉

  2. Ha ha ha ha! I don’t know why I am laughing because my husband read over my shoulder… the – jig – is – up!

  3. Loved your humor in writing this, Tric, and I can probably say my hubby and I lie quite often, too, and within those lies…lies a love that is even stronger than before! 🙂 ♥

    1. We all have very different marriages but for me this is actually how we work! I did read it to my husband but he probably lied when he said he liked it!

    1. Thanks. Parenting is such a rocky road, it can be quite difficult to see what exactly we are hoping for, not individually but as a family.

  4. Hilarious! Of course every man on the planet who saw that the post was intended only for women readers, read it. That’s how I’ve stayed married for a long time. I tell my husband, something is really for women only, and he attends to my every word! lol! I’d do the same thing, if the shoe was on the other foot! 🙂 This post is for men only! I’d read every word.
    Your blog is great and so was this post~

    1. Thank you. Great to see you visit here too.
      Yes I agree we never grow up and like to be told what to do. “Do not touch… wet paint” or “Please stay off the grass” elicit a similar response. I enjoyed this post as some of the men were brave enough to comment!

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